Show Tunes Dancing

By Courtney Deason

History of Show Tunes

Broadway musical Origins:

Broadway musicals originated as performances featuring a few songs and evolved into the contemporary musicals performed today. Broadway musicals developed a distinctive style in the early 1900s with the work of George M. Cohan and Victor Herbert.

1920's: The golden Age

The Broadway musical became immensely popular in the 1920s; a period often characterized as the Golden Age of Broadway musicals. During this time, approximately 50 shows opened in one season. The more famous musicals included performances of romantic musical comedies and dramas, such as "Dearest Enemy" and "Sunny."

1950's: A Popular Era For Braodway musicals

In the 1950s, patrons flocked to Broadway musical performances, which often featured romantic comedies and dramas. During this time, popular songs from Broadway often reached the top of the Billboard charts

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The Great Gatsby


The Sound of Music

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