Good Morning A"marie"ca

An article by Marie Fiemeyer

Extra! Extra! These Heros are on Fire!

Oklahoma's Most Recent Biggest Heros!!!

Good Morning my fellow a'marie'cans! It's another brand new day of 1965 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and I've got the latest scoop! Just recently a few boys saved multiple children from a flaming building at the risk of there own lives, and they almost didn't make it out alive. We have the whole story here from the man himself: Ponyboy Curtis.

"So Johnny and I were just about to leave the ol' church, when turned to see a giant crowd of little kids huddled in front of the church. Being curious and all, we decided to get up there to see what was going on, and a man told us that he was watching all of the children on a picnic, when they saw the place burning up (We sort of panicked after hearing that, thinking that is was our fault) . The guy then acted calm and just told the children the stand back until the firemen arrived. After that everything was hectic, we found out after a woman told us that some kids were missing and they could possibly still in the building. There were screams and panic but all I was thinkin' about was how I had to save 'em. I started sprinting towards the church shakin' off anyone who tried to stop me. I jumped in through a window and looked around with Johnny right behind me. Uh, that's when everything became a bit of a blur. I remember felling extremely hot in my jacket and breathing in smoke, it was like being in a sauna. Eventually we both found the kids and one by one dropped them out the window carefully. Right as we dropped off the last kid, Johnny yelled "Get out!" and shoved me out the window. I was coughing and staggering everywhere, hearing shouts and crashes from the timber that was falling. The last thing I remember was Dally smacking me real hard on the back."

A Current Report on Everyone's Current Condition

There were three victims to this case and here they are on order of condition

1. Dallas Winston - The two boys' buddy who dragged Johnny out the window - he has burns on his arm but should be released extremely soon

2. Ponyboy Curtis - One of the duo that saved the children in the church - he suffered from smoke inhalation, falling out a window, and at one point, catching on fire

3. Johnny Cade - The one who suffered the most in this situation and is currently in critical condition after saving many kids and his friend - a large piece of timber hit him across the back, which broke it. He was also burned severely and his fate is undetermined

The End

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