Strategy #14: Gallery Walks

By: Mikaela Margolis

What is it?

Gallery walks are a form of active engagement that allows students to display written work or multimedia projects around the room to get critiques or feedback from peers

Steps of Gallery Walks

  • Students display work on walls or on desk
  • Teacher provides feedback sheets
  • Give directions for the gallery walk (expectations, appropriate comments)
  • Model how to view, read, and respond to classmates work
  • Direct flow of traffic
  • Students review feedback they received from peers (Tomkins, p. 41)

Why Should We Use This Strategy?

  • Quick and effective way to get student feedback, without having to do it individually
  • Students become more motivated to showcase their work to their peers rather than just their teacher
  • Collaborative way to get new ideas to enhance projects
  • Students practice developing higher order thinking skills and questioning techniques
  • Adaptable to all grades and subjects

Checking Prior Knowledge Through Gallery Walks

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Common Core Standards:

  • "Students use the writing process to revise and edit their writing and get feedback from classmates"
  • "Students demonstrate grade-appropriate use of Standard English conventions, including spelling" (Tomkins, p. 40)

Go Digital!

Digital Bulletin Boards:

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