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Week of Nov 4, 2019

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Working together; succeeding together.

Bears Athletics

Junior Girls Vball Win Pod Playoffs

The junior girls were victorious in pod playoffs, placing first overall. They were very excited to tell me that they had defeated Tisdale, which they had been unable to do previously. We are very proud of our junior girls and look forward to the next steps.

Junior Girls Host Home Tournament

Our Jr. Girls hosted a home tournament on Friday and Saturday. They had a very successful tournament with many staff and students pulling together to make it a success. The girls played hard but lost to Nipawin in the semi finals. Huge thanks to all of the fans who came out to cheer on the girls.

Sr. Girls Volleyball off to Conference Playoffs

Best of luck to Coach Boyle and the girls as they travel to Naicam to participate in conference playoffs.
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Looking Ahead

Toddler Park Ready to Go!

The new toddler park is ready to go and will be open for students Monday morning. Stay tuned for information regarding a formal grand opening.

Huge thanks to everyone and anyone who contributed to making this a reality.

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Upcoming Events

Nov 5 - SCC AGM

Nov 11 - No School

SRC Events

Movember Staff vs. Students

- stay tuned for more information

Nov 4

PJ and Hot Chocolate Day

- Please bring your own mug to help reduce waste.

Spirit Week

PPCS Remembrance Day

Once again our grade 8s will be planning and participating in our annual Remembrance Day Service on Friday, November 8 at 11:00am.
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Chrissy R Fitness at PPCS

PPCS is very proud to partner with Chrissy Rickards and her fitness classes. Chrissy will be using our space to hold her fitness classes and in exchange has agreed to occasionally share her knowledge and talents with our students through PE and class presentations. We are excited about this partnership, stay tuned for more details.

Info You Will Need

Parent Drivers

We live in a world where liability is the new buzzword. A side effect of the liability effect is that we work by the principle of CYB (cover your butt). To this end, we (the NESD) has updated the process to approve parent drivers for our students. The process is rather stringent and places more onus on parents than previous policies did. If you are willing to be a parent driver, we ask that you do the following...

1. Complete a Driver Authorization Form and an SGI Driver Abstract Release Form, both of which can be obtained from the office or the coach/supervisor of the group you are willing to drive for.

2. Bring in your driver's license so that we can make a copy or bring us a photocopy of your driver's license.

Along with this, Dan or Stacey needs to see...

- a current criminal records check (this is pretty standard for any situation in which you will be alone with kids).

- a copy of your policy that shows that you carry $2 million in extra liability (this is above and beyond the basic package policy). This is an NESD policy that is now fairly common among groups that transport students.

We appreciate parents that are willing to help us out and drive and appreciate that the process is a bit onerous. However, it is intended to safeguard both our student safety and the monetary (liability) security of the driver. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the school to discuss.

Speed Limit Reminder

Just a gentle reminder that the speed limit in the school zone is 30km per hour. Thank you to the students and family who are respecting this and reminder to those who are not. We want to ensure that the school zone is a safe place for all students coming and going from PPCS. If you notice inappropriate driving and wish to report it, please contact the RCMP directly as they will not take a second-hand complaint.

Bear Bites 2019 2020

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Welcome to #bestyearever

Mabels Labels

Our Mabel's Labels fundraiser will now remain open in perpetuity. Anytime throughout the year, you find that you are in need of labels (and who doesn't), please consider supporting our school.
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