By:Veda Boyd Jones


All of the events in the story take place in real life.

Main Character

Selena was a very confident she always had a positive attitude about every thing

even know most kids were outside she was on the road singing a lot missing out on her life as a kid even know she was it would all be worth it to her.


Which character did you like/ Dislike?

I liked Selena's character because she was a very confident person who cared about other people besides her self. I dislike the new friend she had made in the story because all she wanted was money and hurt Selena in the worst way.

what happens in the beginning of the story?

Selena's dad comes up with a plan to make a family band but, her mom doesn't agree to it because she thinks they should get time to be kids while they can so the only one who wants to be the singer is selena. The family continues to tour selena met this boy named Chris Pérez that was in the family band as a guitar player she liked him and they hung out all the time .Then it went to another level know they where in love her dad tried to break them up but then they decided to get married with out any one knowing about it but then her dad found out from the radio that they got married he was angry but there was nothing he could do about it so he had to be happy about it.

what happens in middle?

Selena let's her dad be know that he only can be her manger and control her career not her life. They on tour and she meets this fan named Yolanda Saldivar who she hired to keep up with personal files one day there was a lot of things missing like money and her dad knew selena's friend Yolanda Saldivar took all the files so selena went to talk to Yolanda Saldivar in her hotel room.

What happens in the end?

Selena came to get the files they had an heated argument yolanda Saldivar wouldn't give selena the files and she pulls out a gun and ends up shooting the mexican singer selena she was fighting for her life but by the time they got to the hospital she was gone they lost a talented singer who was big influence to young girls and still is today.

what I Learned?

Selena Quintanilla Pérez had great influence on many girls she was so young and gifted and her talent was singing. what I also learned is you can't trust every body that your friends with and you have to know who your true friends are who likes you for who you are not for your money that's not a true friend.
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Follow your dreams

DO you like this story?

Yes, because tells about selena's life how much of a good singer she was and how talented she was.