Glenholme School Newsletter

Term 1 - Week 6, 9th March 2023

Principal's Message

Kia ora koutou,

Thank you to everyone who supported our two fundraising events for the victims of the Cyclone in the Hawkes Bay. Our Young Leaders have done an amazing job with both of these events and I am pleased to say the donation from our school will be over $2,000. We could not have achieved this without the support from all of our school whānau.

I had the pleasure of attending the Young Leaders team building day on Monday at Lake Okareka where we spent the day working with staff members from Te Waiariki Purea Charitable Trust. Due to road closures our Young Leaders spent the second day back at Lake Okareka and they had the opportunity to complete some of the activities which we did not have time for on Monday. A huge acknowledgement and thanks goes to our Deputy Principal Molly Norton who organised these two days for our Young Leaders. Our tamariki displayed all of the school values and learning dispositions and I was extremely proud of each and every one of them as they stepped out of their comfort zones to try something new.

Possible NZEI Teacher and Principal Strike Day on Thursday 16th March.

Over the last 3 days electronic voting has been taking place across Aotearoa New Zealand. Teachers and Principals who are NZEI members have been voting on taking strike action after they rejected the latest offer which was made by the government. I had hoped that we would have heard the results of the vote so that I would be able to give you as much warning as possible. Please be prepared that the school may be closed next Thursday if the strike action goes ahead.

Ngā mihi

Sarah Thompson

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Monday 13th March - Year 5 and 6 Camp Information Evening 5.30pm

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Principal's Awards

Principal's Awards Awarded to students making exceptional effort and or achievement at school, therefore deserving of acknowledgement and recognition. Students will be presented with their awards on Friday 17th March 2023

Whakapoungakau Team

A1: Koah Wiremu has taken charge of his own learning this term and has the determination to succeed. Koah always participates in everything we do in class with lots of enthusiasm and positivity. Keep up the awesome mahi Koah, ka mau te wehi!

A4 Nikau Beets for being a responsible Year 6 student. He is an organised learner who ensures that he completes his work to a high standard. Nikau is reliable and supportive to others in class and we are very lucky to have him in A4. Ka wani kē - neat alright Nikau!

A5 Willow Bryers for being a pleasure to have you as a learner in A5. You have gained confidence in your own abilities this term and it is exciting to see you being a Risk Taker like Hinemoa and participating in all our classroom activities. You are helpful and often demonstrate integrity. Well done on all your hard mahi. You are fantastic and Whaea Kylie loves having you in our classroom.

Pukeroa Team

A2: Ella Phillips is a considerate and positive student who is an awesome role model for her peers. She understands her role as a visible learner by knowing her learning intentions and consistently striving to achieve her success criteria. Ella draws on the likes of Hinemoa and Tamatekapua learning dispositions as she is a great risk taker and leader, especially in Kapa haka and our te reo Māori learning. He waimarie mātou ki te whai ia ki roto i A2! Pai tū Ella!

A3 Tanishka Mudaliar for being a Risk Taker and Thinker. Tanishka works hard at showing respect for the Māori language showing excellence in her pronunciation of kupu Māori. Tanishka starts all our class karakia and is confident at reciting her pepeha. Nau mai te hapa Tanishka.

Tihiōtonga Team

B2 Zaraiah Brown for challenging herself in her learning and aiming for excellence. Ka mau te wehi Zaraiah, we are lucky to have such a hard worker in B2.

B3 Carter van der Vlugt for having an outstanding start to the year in B3. Carter has stepped up and is a fantastic role model in class. He is always willing and offering to help others and shows initiative to complete tasks around the room. Carter actively participates in his learning and is striving for excellence in everything he does. Keep up the super mahi and attitude Carter, tino pai!!

B4 Viraj Narang for continually demonstrating the Glenholme School values - R.I.D.E. He is an independent learner and is always trying his best during Reading, Writing and Maths. Viraj continually uses his initiative and enjoys helping others when they get stuck in the Learning Pit. He has proven to be a responsible member of the class. Tu meke Viraj!

B5 Harjaap Pallan for being a B5 superstar. Harjaap always tries his very best on every task. He is a pleasure to have in the class and is a wonderful role model for his peers in B5. Harjaap displays the Glenholme School Values at all times and I can always count on him to be in the right place at the right time. Keep up the excellent effort Harjaap. Ka mau te wehi, you are awesome!

Pukehangi Team

B1 Aleena Siddiqui for always trying your best in class. You have a great attitude towards your learning and are very caring to others in class. It is amazing to see all the incredible crafts that you are busy working away on different crafts. You are a great role model to B1 and other students in the school.

B6 Wakahuia Mihaka for an excellent start to Glenholme School. Wakahuia has settled into the Whānau Whare extremely well. He is showing respect and manners and is making lots of new friends. We are so happy to have you here at our kura. Nau mai haere mai ki te kura o nga Raupareparenga Wakahuia!

A6 Archer Montgomerie-Harris for having a persistent and determined attitude during writing time. Archer has tried very hard to form letters correctly and write the beginning sound in words. You are a superstar Archer! Mrs Kiel is very proud of you. Ka mau te wehi, keep up the awesome mahi!

C6 Skyla de Bruyn for being a super enthusiastic, helpful and caring C6 classmate. Skyla, you have a wonderful positive attitude towards all areas of school life. I am impressed by how you show excellence in your learning, always trying hard even when you find it tricky. Ka mau te wehi Skyla, keep up the hard mahi.

C7 Sadie Ahhoy-Singers for being a keen, focused learner in our class. She listens closely to instructions and completes work carefully. It is great to see Sadie's hard work paying off and her confidence growing. She is willing to sound out some words at Writing and Reading time. She is learning to read and order some more numbers at Maths time. Keep up your wonderful work, Sadie. We love having you in C7!

C8 Charlize Clark for the focus she is showing with new learning in Reading and Writing. Charlize listens carefully when sounding out new words, can hear most sounds, blend them together and know the letters names that match them. It is exciting to see Charlize’s obvious enthusiasm and enjoyment with her successes. You have made a great start to your learning journey, Charlize

C8 Artwork

Kia ora koutou,

We have a C6 student who needs some assistance to get to and or from Mahoe Street.

This is not very far and you or your tamariki may walk past it on the way to and from school.

If you can help us out at any stage please let Whaea Min or the office know.

We would really appreciate your waka waewae!

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Kia ora koutou,

It has been great to see so many smiling faces at school, especially as there have already been weather challenges and sickness about.

Did you know that your child will be marked as TRUANT if you do not give us a reason for their absence?

Please inform the office, class teacher or myself if your child is absent.

If you know in advance that your child will be away, again let us know.

If your child is sick for multiple days we have to be told the number of days, we cannot assume anything.

We have found some communications very hard. For emergency reasons please update your records. Even sending a written note, with the child on the day of return to school is still a valid form of communication.

These forms of communication will be noted as valid, Seesaw, Email, Text, Phone call and written note dated and signed.

Thank you for your communication and if you have any Attendance issues please let me know as soon as possible.

Nga mihi nui

Whaea Min

Ara Kē atu Movin March – Walk and Wheels Wednesdays

Dear Parents/Guardian/ Whānau…

Our school is keen to promote healthy lifestyle choices and encourage active travel so we have joined other Rotorua Schools to Ara kē atu for Movin’ March.

Ara Kē atu means an alternative pathway and is an active transport challenge for schools.

Ara kē atu:

 Encourages independence and resilience.

 Promotes healthy lifestyle choices.

 Helps students learn about road safety and safe decision making.

 Gives tamariki, and your school the opportunity to win cool prizes.

 Arrive at school ready to learn.

 Promotes making healthy lifestyle choices that will carry into adulthood.

 Helps school whānau save money on petrol.

 Is fun to do together with whānau, classmates and friends.

 Reduces congestion on the streets outside our school.

 Helps clear the air of car pollution.

During March we are encouraging all school tamariki and whānau to walk, scoot, skate or bike to school at least once a week and are dedicating Wednesdays as Walk and Wheels Wednesday.

We know that some children and families are unable to walk, scoot or bike to school. This is why we are promoting ‘Park and Stride’ drop off points. These alternative drop-off points will allow more children to take part in Walking or Wheeling to school. We are asking parents/ carers to park at one of the three designated drop off points on Wednesdays for the month of March and walk the rest of the way to school. We will be running a Park and Stride day on Monday 8th March for you to familiarise yourself with one of these drop off points and a safe route to school from there.

If you have any queries regarding the Park and Stride drop off point, please don’t hesitate to come in and talk to Whaea Amy.

Thank you for your continuing support.

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Five Year Old New Entrant Pre–Enrolments

Glenholme School welcomes new arrivals to the school. Parents of students who live within the home zone and intend enrolling their child at any time during the year should notify the school to assist the school to plan appropriately for the next terms. We would like to encourage parents to contact Mrs Molly Norton (Deputy Principal) to confirm future student enrolments. To help determine future classroom placements, it is vital that the school has as much information as possible about future students. Enrolment forms are available at the school office or you can contact Mrs Norton Deputy Principal 348-1489 ext 203 or email Glenholme School.


Due to most of our FOTS members moving on we urgently need new FOTS members. We have 1 or 2 meetings a term which are normally around the 3pm time to make it easy for parents/caregivers to attend. Our FOTS committee have been able to fundraise for shows (Magic Shows), Discos, Easter Raffles, Spelling Bees, play equipment, shade sails etc. in the past, however if we do not have parents/caregivers involved unfortunately a lot of these things will not happen and extra opportunities for our students will not be provided. We urgently need your support.

Phone the school office for further information.

Ph 3481489

Up and Coming Events

Term Dates 2023

31st January - 6th April

24th April - 30th June

17th July - 22nd September

9th October - 15th December

13 March - Year 5-6 Camp Information Evening 5.30pm

13-17 March - Making the Difference Swimming - Tihiōtonga Team

17 March - School Assembly 9.15am

20 - 24 March - Making the Difference Swimming - Whakapoungakau Team

23 March - Board of Trustees Meeting

29 March - Whakapoungakau School Camp

6 April - End of Term 1

9 April - Easter Sunday

3 - 4 May - Academic Achievement Discussions

5 June - King's Birthday


School Gates


8.30am – 9.10am/2.45pm - 3.10pm

Miller Street entrance is available for use:

Monday to Friday 7.30am – 9.30am

Monday to Friday 2.30pm – 3.30pm

DO NOT PARK IN THE SCHOOL DRIVE as this is a tow away area.

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