E.Q: How do dictatorships work and how are they run?


How dictatorships work

How Dictatorships Work

The way a dicattorship works is the leader holds all power in a country. Some times the dictators will advertize for them self so people will help or fallow them so they stay in power. Some times the people that fallow them are rewardedand the people that dont aren't so more people fallow them to get the rewards. Some people fallow them to get power and help them but what they dont know is in the end the dictator dont care about any of them just him self. By not relizing this they only give him more and more power till they do relize but by then its too late. Thats how the dictatorship works and how the dictators stay in power.


All the evidene thats been gathered

The evidence

Evidence I've gathered shows that dictators have the power to make you belive what they want you to belive. This means they can make you do what they want you to do. This also helps prove that dictators dont help their people. If a dictator helped his/her people than they aren't a aveage dictator they are a good leader unlike most. Because they hold all the power in a country a dictator they belive they have all the power in the world. The leader(s) dont have anything or one to tell them that they are wrong or can't do something so they have no limits to what they do to their country, people, or goods. In conclution the people that are dictators they have all been the same.


the Pros/Cons/Benifet of being a dictator

All The Pros, Cons, and Benifets

There are many ways to a dictatorship with pros, cons, and benifets. These are some diffrent parts of this style of leadership. A pro to a dictatorship is that they dont have let other people chose laeders. But there are cons to like the people amy fight back aginst them if they are brave enough citizen to do so. There are many benifets to being a dictator like the leaders will get power any way they can with tells us one way how they stay in power. Another way they may stay in power is that benifets them is the leaders can have almost everyone on their side. This was the leaders/dictators Pros/Cons/Benifets.


the Cause/Effects/Dangers of being a dictator

All The Causes, Effects, and Dangers

In a dictatorship there are cause effects and danger. One danger of being a dictator is they may be in the minority of the people and not have fallowers. In a dictatorship only one person or group of people calls the shots. An effect to that is the leader(s) holds all the power in the country. A posoblity of a big danger to that is one person or a group of a few has to handle what hundreds of men and woman strugle with every day. So in cunlution though they may have all the power in the world they also have all the danger in the world and problems that cause one thing to happen that effect their whole leaderships.


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Final thoughts

Summing it all up

After al the reserch I belive that dictatorships are run with a stern fist and only with the thoughts of the leader. This proves that they work only for a sertin amount of time.