Shattering the Intervention Culture

in the Age of Accountability

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Find Someone Who...

Review the Find Someone Who...board to see which scenarios apply to you.

We will take 5 minutes to walk around and find someone to fill out one of our boxes with his/her Name and School District. The goal is to get as many boxes filled in as possible to expand your Personal Learning Network!

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The word intervention implies...

...something you put in between a person and a problem.

So... is the classroom teaching the problem?

Or does the student have a problem that the classroom teaching hasn't addressed?

Defining the Intervention Culture!

(T) Individually--write one factor of the "Intervention Culture" per sticky note

(P) In pairs--organize the collection of factors and create topics for each category of sticky notes

(S) In groups of 4 identify similarities and differences between the topics created

(This activity is also referred to as an affinity diagram)

Response-to-Intervention in Secondary Schools

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So how does it actually look?

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Application of RTI Collaborative Problem-Solving

Organize yourselves into groups of 4.

Read the scenarios and work collaboratively to:

  • Identify the types of interventions already in place
  • Use cubing strategy
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What role do assessments play in the classroom?

What role SHOULD assessments play in the classroom?

What types of support do your teachers need with assessments?


TEACHERS unpack the TEKS to understand what students need to know and be able to do

STUDENTS track their own proficiency on standards

"Prioritize the Standards" (Lead4Ward Relevant Review PEP Rally)

  • Track only spiraling TEKS
  • 8th grade TEKS 2-9 and USH TEKS 3-11 are historical era specific

"Practice without Penalty" (Lead4Ward Relevant Review PEP Rally)

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Tier 1 Interventions

Instructional Strategies such as those used throughout this presentation:

Interpersonal interactions


Writing to Learn



Identifying Similarities and Differences

Direct Teach

Cubing Strategy

Sentence Stems

How will YOU shatter the intervention culture?

Commit and Toss

I will shatter the intervention culture by...