Deciduous Forest


In the Deciduous forest there are many trees such as Oak, Maple and Birch. The soil in this biome is called alfisols which are brown forest soils. In this biome some of the common animals found are the Eastern Chipmunk, the Red Tailed Hawk, the White Tailed Deer, and the Common Coyote. The average precipitation is 750mm - 1500mm which can be converted to 0.75 meters - 1.5 meters. We inhabit this land for the land and lumber.

Biotic and Abiotic Factors

Air, Rain, Rocks, Soil, Sunlight
Birch, Oak, Maple Trees, Mosses, Shrubs, Perennial Herbs


Average Yearly Precipitation:

750mm - 1500mm


-30˚C - 30˚C

Plant Life

Oak, Maple, Birch Trees, Mosses, Shrubs, Perennial Herbs

Soil Type:

Brown Forest Soils (Alfisols)

Animal Life

Eastern Chipmunk

Red Tailed Hawk

White Tailed Deer


Why do we need this biome?




How do humans affect this biome?

We chop down trees to make Farms and Towns

There is also poacher problems

How can we protect this biome?

Stop Poachers, reduce the amount of wood chopped down and plant 3 trees per every tree chopped down

What is this biome known for?

Known for color changing leaves in Autumn

Interesting facts #s 1 & 2

Interesting fact #1:

There are 5 different zones: Tree Stratum, Small Tree and Sapling, Shrub, Herb and the Ground Zone

Interesting Fact #2:

These forests are common in Asia

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