LVHS Counseling Office Newsletter

Oct. 12, 2020

Fall Testing


WY-TOPP Testing is finishing up this week and next with makeup testing.


Oct. 6 ACT Test day was a big success. We tested 101 seniors and 83 10th/11th graders. This is a BIG step towards their futures! Makeup ACT testing for seniors who missed the test will be Oct. 20.


· Optional for 10th and 11th graders

· Oct. 14 8 am - 12 pm

· Cost is $17 (checks payable to LVHS)

· Students can sign up on the Google Form by Oct. 9

On Wednesday, October 14, our school will provide an opportunity for students to take the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. The PSAT/NMSQT:

• is available to sophomores and juniors. The test is optional. Some schools use a 3.6 GPA as a guideline for students taking the PSAT. The fee of $17.00 must be paid in the guidance office at the time the student signs up for the test.

• is the first step, for juniors, in entering the National Merit Scholarship Corporation competitions for scholarships and recognition. Less than 1 percent of the nation’s graduating high school seniors will qualify as Semifinalists. This is only a test-taking experience for sophomores; they are not eligible for this competition. Being a finalist or semi-finalist on this test is one avenue to the LVHS Academic Hall of Fame.

• measures the reading, math, and writing skills needed for college. After the test, a score report will tell students how their skills measure up. Students can use it to find their “skill gaps” and then make plans to fill those gaps before college begins.

• gives students a chance to see how their skills compare with those of other students who will apply to college.

• provides practice for the upcoming SAT exams

• allows students to predict their SAT scores in time to work on specific skills.

Also, the Student Search Service gives PSAT/NMSQT test-takers the option to voluntarily place their names and addresses in a pool of college-bound students interested in receiving admission and financial aid information from certified colleges, universities, and scholarship agencies.

The test will run from 8:00 a.m. until approximately 12 p.m. A travel list will be issued to notify teachers of the students’ absence. Students are responsible for the make-up work in the classes they miss on the day of the test. Students should bring a calculator and sharpened #2 pencils.

The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is OPEN

  • Seniors and Parent: It's time to fill out the FAFSA! Apply at
  • This single application opens your student up to grants, federal work study, scholarships, and loan opportunities for post-secondary education.
  • The FAFSA can be applied to college AND technical/trade/vocational programs.
  • The FAFSA takes about 30 minutes to complete if you have all of your information handy.
  • Need help? We've got you covered! LVHS FAFSA Help Night is Oct. 20 and 21 from 4 pm to 7 pm in the LVHS Computer Lab (room 217) with Teffany Fegler (pictured below).
  • If you can't make that time, give Teffany Fegler a call. She is our Educational Opportunity Program coordinator who's job it is to help you complete your FAFSA. She will set up a time to meet with you to help you get tic completed. (307)851-0847.
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Social Emotional Learning Program at LVHS (what we've taught so far)

Mrs. Waggoner and Ms. Clark are teaching SEL to 9th graders during advisory. Here's what they've learned so far:

  • Introduction to BIONIC
  • Mindsets-Introduction to the 7 Mindsets
  • Mindsets- The Time is Now 7.1- Embrace the Moment
  • Stress busters - Identifying Stress and Techniques to Deal with Stress and Anxiety
  • Healthy Relationships (guest speaker, Sydney Allred, from Fremont County Alliance)
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Social Emotional Learning Program at LVHS (what's next)

  • The Time is Now 7.2 Getting in the Zone
  • Naviance Intro and Strengths Explorer
  • Mindsets The Time is Now 7.3 Let Yourself be Vulnerable
  • Naviance- Lesson 9.7 My Career Clusters
  • Naviance Lesson 9.8 My High School Resume
  • Naviance Lesson 9.13 Beginning my College Search

FOR ALL STUDENTS, GRADES 9-12, we will be sending out our STRESS SURVEY on Monday, Oct. 12 to assess current stress levels and to identify students who may need counselor support. If we feel your student may need extra support, we will give you a call.

Individual Senior Meetings

We will start Individual Senior Meetings with Mrs. Stanbury the week of 10/12/20. Students will come to the counseling office to discuss:

  • Credits toward graduation
  • Post High School Planning Google Classroom
  • Post high school plans
  • ACT Test
  • College Applications
  • Scholarships
  • How to request a transcript
  • Requesting letters of recommendation
  • Anything else that students wish to discuss
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College Application Day Nov. 13

We are hosting a "College Application Day" for our seniors on Friday, November 13. Every senior will come during their English class for 50 minutes. We have invited reps from the University of WY and the 7 Wyoming Community Colleges as well as military reps.

We will also have FAFSA help in addition to Gear Up/ETS/Upward Bound represented that day. We are trying for a one-stop-shop for kids to 1.) Apply to college(s), 2.) Fill out the FAFSA, 3.) Work on Resumes and College/Scholarship Essays, and 4.) Fill out college scholarship applications.

This event will take place in our Auxiliary Gym so that students have a work space.

Here are the logistics:

What: College Application Day

When: Friday, Nov. 13

Where: Lander Valley High School Auxiliary Gym

Time: 8 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Who: All seniors

Why: To support all seniors in their post-high school application/planning process

BIONIC (Believe It Or Not I Care) Team Update

We'll be delivering pies to families who've lost family members next week as well as hosting a "New Student Lunch". Our Mentors are helping us to coordinate and connect. Please send us an email if you know a student who has experienced loss so that we can reach out.
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There are two upcoming opportunities for you, HOBY and UW High School Summer Institute.

  • HOBY -- Each spring, 10,000 high school sophomores from across the country join one of HOBY’s 70 State Leadership Seminars to hone their leadership talents and apply them to become effective, ethical leaders in their home, school, workplace, and community. Watch "What is HOBY -- in 90 Seconds" The deadline to submit your HOBY application to Mrs. Waggoner (a 100 word essay about leadership and community service) is Oct. 12.
  • UW High School Summer Institute -- Since 1985, Wyoming's rising junior students have had the opportunity to have their first taste of college life while attending the UW Summer High School Institute. HSI was created to provide an extra opportunity to learn, grow, and mature as young adults. The Program's philosophy attempts to develop the whole person rather than concentrating on academics exclusively. The dates for HSI are 7/11 - 7/31. Sophomores will hear a presentation about HSI on Oct. 20.

Upcoming Dates and Deadlines

Oct. 14 -- PSAT Day (Optional for 10th and 11th graders)

Oct. 16 -- Deadline to turn in Concurrent Enrollment forms

Oct. 19 -- FSA ID for all Seniors with Teffany Fegler during SRB

Oct. 20 -- Heisman High School Scholarship Deadline

Oct. 20 -- FAFSA Help Session Rm 217 from 4 pm - 7 pm

Oct. 20 -- Parent Teacher Conferences from 4 pm - 7 pm

Oct. 20 -- ACT Makeup for Seniors who missed the test on Oct. 6

Oct. 21 -- FAFSA Help Session Rm 217 from 4 pm - 7 pm

Oct. 21 -- Parent Teacher Conferences from 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Oct. 23 -- No School (End of 9 Weeks)

Oct. 25 -- Horatio Alger Association Scholarship

Oct. 26 -- No School (Staff Inservice)

Oct. 30 -- Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Deadline

Oct. 31 -- Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Scholarship Deadline

Nov. 1 -- Michigan State STARR Scholarship

Nov. 1 -- Daylight Saving Time ends

Nov. 6 -- Deadline to register for the Dec. 12 ACT (Riverton)

Nov. 10 -- Prudential Spirit of Community Award Deadline

Nov. 13 -- College Application Day for all Seniors

Nov. 15 -- Daniels Fund Scholarship Deadline

Nov. 15 -- The Hagan Scholarship Deadline

Nov. 15 -- Wyoming Association of Secondary School Principals Scholarship Deadline

Nov. 25-27 -- No School (Thanksgiving Break)

Dec. 1 -- University of WY Trustee's Scholar Award Deadline

*If you missed the Senior Parent Presentation on Sept. 14, the link is below (Loom).