Aging & Disability Resource Center

ADRC of Portage County

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Monday - Friday

8:00am - 4:30pm


The mission of the ADRC of Portage County is to support seniors, adults with disabilities, and their families and caregivers by offering an easy access to services by fostering a caring community that values lifelong contributions, maximum independence, and individual dignity.

Value of ADRC of Portage County













-Lifelong Learning

-Meaningful Activity

-Personal Contact







What is ADRC?

ADRC is an aging and disabilities resources center (not respite care). The facility offers supervised programming for those who need extra care to remain living in the community as independently as possible. This is accomplished by providing opportunities for socialization, personal care, support with daily living activities and preventative care to participants and by providing respite and education to families and caregivers. ADRC of Portage County serves all of Portage County, each county has a similar facility.

Other Services

Other services located at ADRC are:

-Benefit Specialists

-Caregiver Resources

-Foster Grandparents

-The Holy Shoppe

-Nutrition Program


-Senior Center

-Transportation Services

History of Agency

ADRC of Portage County was founded in the 1970s as just an aging facility. In 2002 ADRC adopted the disability aspect into their agency as well.


This agency works with parents, as well as the schools, special education teachers, DVR, other related services, and most importantly the client to provide the best transitional care possible. The agency addresses the needed and desired services the client and his/her families wishes be provided. This agency is not required to take part in IEP or transition meetings. This agency works with local schools (Stevens Point School District primarily) with the transitioning process.


ADRC is publicly funded long term care. The funds are given from from the county, state, and federal government. Grants also aid in funding.

Ways to Access Information on ADRC of Portage County

- The Post (bimonthly newsletter)


-Local Newspaper



-Word of Mouth

Eligibility for Services

- 55+ years of age and/or Disabled

**For the Nutrition Program you must be 60+ years**


- Customer satisfaction surveys (created trimonthly or after program/services end)

-State/Federal Evaluations

-Grant Criteria Evaluations

IEP Linkage

This agency needs a release to see a clients IEP from the school. Though they are not required to sit in during IEP meetings, the IEP is an important tool and getting the necessary tools for the client to succeed.