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all about me

welcome to the snazzy fashion my name is Tessa. i love fashion (espicailly the comfy fashion). i am currently loving throw backs such as fanny packs, flannels, and many more. i love making old thing into something new so on this blog i will be showing you tutorial. hope you enjoy will be updating ever month :)

this is some of the throw backs i am loving!

how too thread a needle

have you ever wanted to change something old into something new? well here is short video to help introduce you to the world of sewing
How to Thread a Needle for Hand Sewing


here is an amazing video showing how to draw a models body, so you can draw a fashion design on it.
TUTORIAL - Fashion Figure Step by Step

here are some awesome interior design styles

advertising advice

this is all you need to have amazing advertising!

~ have bright colors

~have an endorsement

~have a good slogan

~have an comparison


poly vore is such an amazing site where you can show your personality through your cloths! this is one polyvore that i love so very much! this outfit is inspired by kylie jenner
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