NCVPS Spanish 3

Update con la Sra. Beverly Aguirre

Week 6, February 27-March 5

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I want to apologize that this newsletter is late this week. I have been "under the weather" with sinus/allergy problems as have been many people with the warm weather we are having. I hope all of you are well and your students too!
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I would love for parents/ELAs to sign up as a CANVAS observer in our class!

Have you signed up for Canvas as an observer?

I have spoken to all parent these past few days about student progress. Many of you want to know your student's average. I can't put grade info in an email or text, but of course you can always call me. (Contact info at the end of this newsletter.)

I want to encourage you to be a CANVAS observer in your student's class. That way you can see assignment, student participation in the class along with his/her grades any time you wish.

Parents and facilitators can now download the Canvas Parent app in both the iTunes and Google Play stores

Parents and facilitators will need student login information to set up their parent accounts. This will have to come from the school. NCVPS cannot supply login credentials to parents or facilitators. Check with your school's e-learning advisor (ELA).

The Canvas Parent app is designed to provide visibility into a student's progress at a glance. Canvas Parent allows both parents and facilitators to:

  • View assignment descriptions and due dates
  • Set reminders for assignments
  • View assignment grades
  • View course grades
  • Set grade alerts
  • View course announcements

Here are several helpful links:

Canvas Parent Guide Overview

Canvas Parent Android Guide

Canvas Parent iOS Guide

Parents and facilitators can also use the Parent Portal online. Directions on how to use the portal are here.

Week 6

This week we are continuing with Unit 3 as we work on Lessons 3 & 4. Just a reminder that as we continue to go through the semester, all units are now 2 weeks, with specific assignments being due each week. Students only have to attend one RLC every two weeks, but are encouraged to attend more than one per unit if they want to. Students should already have all assignments completed and submitted through Unit 3, lesson 2. Please speak with your student and make sure he or she has completed all assignments through Unit 3, lesson 2 and is working on Unit 3, lessons 3 & 4 this week. In addition, students will NOT have to complete a Final Project for Unit 3. At the end of Unit 4 they will do a combined project for Unit 3/Unit 4. Below is a list of what is due by this Friday, March 3 @ 11:55pm. Students have 8 assignments to complete this week (9 if they have not completed the RLC for Unit 3). As always, if students have questions, please tell them to contact me. I am here to help!
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Required Live Classes

There are no more RLCs for Unit 3. I have included the link to my recorded session for Unit 3 in student announcements for students to watch, take notes and do the required reflection.

Click here for the link to my recorded session for Unit 3.

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How are Grades calculated?

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As students work through out class, at times they struggle with technology as well as learning new Web 2.0 tools such as Prezi, Glogster, Screencast, etc. when completing and submitting projects. One of the goals of this course is to develop 21st Century skills which includes those related to using tools that allow students to collaborate remotely. If your student is having technology difficulties, please have him/her to reach out to me to see if together we can solve the situation. Many times, the situation can easily be resolved with just a click!

More opportunities to attend a Culture Cafe for Extra Credit!

Below is a list of the various Culture Cafe sessions offered for students in the next two weeks. Students can go to their Home page on Canvas, scroll through the modules and click on The Culture Cafe (see photo at the top right) for a detailed list of future Culture Cafe sessions and how to log into the session. During the Culture Cafe session, students take notes and after attending the Culture Cafe session, students will complete a reflection about the class and submit it for extra credit.

Students can attend any of the cultural topics below. It does not have to be about Spanish.

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Peer Tutor Center

As the semester quickly moves on, encourage your student to reach out to the Peer Tutor Center for help. This is a great resource for students!
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Contact me if you have any questions!

Beverly Aguirre