Mrs. Whitlock's Weekly Updates

January 11-15

Important Dates

Thursday, January 14: Location Test

Friday, January 15: Spelling and Weekly Quiz, Timed Summary

Monday, January 18: MLK Day (NO SCHOOL)

Thursday, January 21: Movie Competition Awards and Teacher Lip Sync Battle

Monday, January 25: Science Test on Energy

Wednesday, January 27: 100th Day of School!

Monday, February 1: January Motivation Challenge due

Friday, February 5: Re-Enrollment Deadline (forms sent home today in student folders)

Field Trip Dates for this Semester:

Thursday, February 25: Alliance Theater to watch The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Monday, April 18: Tellus Science Museum

January is Motivation Month!

This month our character education word is Motivation. We started by talking about New Year's resolutions and have begun to brainstorm things we want to do or change in 2016. Throughout the month we will be discussing how to set goals and then accomplish them.

This week, I sent home a bright yellow January Motivation Challenge assignment. Students are asked to come up with at least one goal they want to meet by the end of the month. It can be anything from wanting to read more books to learning how to roller blade. In the next week or so, work with your child on filling out the ways your child can work to accomplish his or her goal. Then, towards the end of the month, reflect on the goal set and see how your child is doing. Fill out the evaluation questions at the bottom and submit by Monday, February 1st.

I did include four pages (2 front and back) in case your child wants to set multiple goals, but for a grade they only need to work on at least one.

A Peek at Next Week...

Reading/Language Arts: We will be discussing author's purpose, practice visualizing stories, working with r-controlled ar, adding endings (-ed and -ing), and distinguishing between verbs for past and future.

We will also continue our writing work on summarizing. Next Friday, January 15, we will write a timed summary. We have already started to practice this week. Essentially, students will hear a book in class and will then summarize its beginning, middle, and end in a brief summary.

Spelling Words: plan, planned, help, helped, drop, dropped, call, called, ask, asked, afraid, again, few, how, read, soon

Science: This week we started talking about energy and its various forms. So far we have discussed electricity and heat. Next week we will be talking about light and sound.

Social Studies: We have been reviewing our continents and oceans and have also talked about personal location and knowing the city, county, state, country, and continent you are on. On Thursday, January 14, we will have a Location Test. Students will be asked to identify and locate all of the continents and oceans. They will also be asked to identify the city/county/state/country/continent our school is located in. (Fulton Science Academy is in Alpharetta, Fulton County, Georgia, the United States of America, North America). Finally, they will label a compass rose with the four cardinal directions and will be able to draw items on a map based on using cardinal directions and the directions left and right.

Character Education: In addition to talking about motivation and goal-setting, we will be using our Second Step curriculum to discuss empathy.

Mrs. Melissa Whitlock

First Grade Teacher & Elementary Gifted Coordinator

Fulton Science Academy Private School

Serving Gifted and Advanced Students