Social Studier December 2015


History-Social Science Framework Update

On December 15, Matt Hayes, Social Science Coordinator for SDCOE, provided updates regarding the revised History-Social Science Framework. While there have not been major changes since October, when the last update was released, the framework committee has highlighted some key changes:
  • (Find the Updated Framework, in MS Word Format; scroll to bottom of page).
  • Explicit connections to California's Common Core State Standards for English/Language Arts (History-Social Science specific standards) and the newer Integrated ELD standards.
  • Emphasis of four elements of course structure: inquiry, literacy, content, and civic learning.
  • Inclusion of new "Teaching Vignettes," which are designed to illustrate ways in which teachers can implement the updated intent of each course, if you will.
  • Edits and suggestions for content were made by the Constitutional Rights Foundation.
  • Major Revisions have been made to the 7th Grade unit for Medieval India, Sites of Encounter
The revisions will be opened for 60-days of public comment beginning in January. Hayes emphasized that educators should be active in providing commentary to the committee, since the typical response tends to be special interest groups from outside the sphere of education. Information will be provided to you when online comments is enabled. In the meantime, all indications are that the new Framework will be adopted by May 2016.

SDCOE Annual Conference: Navigating a World of Change

Wednesday, Jan. 27th 2016 at 8am-3pm

5998 Alcala Park

San Diego, CA

Offered at the University of San Diego's Joan Kroc Institute, teachers are invited to participate in the second annual San Diego County History-Social Science Conference, offering at teaching and learning strand of interest to all Social Science teachers. The conference is billed as "providing an opportunity for educators and other interested individuals to gather in order to network and share ideas about teaching and learning in history-social science. Participants will hear from teachers, content specialists and curriculum experts. They will discuss strategies to support students as they access the content of the history-social science standards, develop critical thinking, and meet the demands of the Common Core. Interested teachers can e-mail Coordinator, Ann Cerny, or ToSA Mark Van Over