Francisco De Coronado

biography: Caleb I.

Francidco De Coronado's Childhood

Francisco was born in 1510, Salamanca, Spain. He died on September 1554, in Mexico City ,Mexico. He was a wealthy kid. His parents were Juan De Coronado and Isabel De Lujan. Francisco was the only child. His dad was an aristocrat. Francisco was fine upbringing. He did not want to do what his dad did. He wanted to have is own home in the New World.

Francisco's Mid Adult Hood

Francisco was a Spanish conquistador and explore. He lead an expedition from Mexico to present day Kansas.He found the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River. Francisco was the governor of New Spain, Mexico. He then heard of about Seven Cities made of Gold. Francisco started his expedition in 1540-1542.

Basic Information

Francisco did have a positive on his expedition to present day Kansas. He had a positive impact on New Spain, Mexico. I had picked this person because I love to research Spanish explores. Not only that he had found the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River and many more things that you will see in present day United States.

Research Questions

Leading an expedition that had changed his life. He did leave behind his good skill upbringing. He was very confident at everything he did. Everything he did he was very happy with. When he heard about the for cities of gold it was just people saying something, but when he arrived at his finally destination he got very lucky and started to mine and found over 50 pounds of gold( He got very lucky).

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