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Eagle Information You Want to Know!! Oct/Nov/Dec 2021

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Update on MZMS Construction

Construction is moving along on the new gym and music room! Weather and bedrock have delayed the progress, but we will (hopefully) be in the new space next school year!. It is all very exciting!
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Celebrating Eagle STAR High Performers!

MZMS is proud to celebrate the high performers on the 1st 9 weeks STAR tests in ELA and Math. Students were recognized for either achieving a distinguished score on the test or for showing 2+ years growth. Good job, Eagles! Keep up the good work!
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Eagle Pride 1st 9 Weeks

Each nine weeks, the teachers are given an opportunity to recognize students in three areas who represent how proud we are to be Mt. Zion Eagles.

All Time High is the academic category that recognizes students who have made significant academic improvement, have excelled on a test, or have maintained a very high average in class. 6th grade: Piper Wilkinson and Sean Skelton, 7th grade: Molly Smith and Finley Sines

8th grade: Kalynn Duke and Isaiah Hindsman

Arts and Athletics is the category that recognizes students for artistic ability in visual arts, music, or performing arts as well as students who excel in athletics either on a sports team or in a PE class. 6th grade: Jakoria Daniel and Braydon Moore, 7th grade: Kiley Rogers and Manuel Becerra, 8th grade: Zoey Wadley and Henry Rankin

Citizenship is the category that recognizes students for acts of kindness, exemplary citizenship, or positive choices or behaviors. A teacher may recognize a student who has demonstrated good character, volunteered, or began or participated in a school initiative. 6th grade: Alexis Cook and Nathanial Millan, 7th grade: MacKenzie Vaughn and Hunter Meadows

8th grade: Laila Muse and Wyatt Driver
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What is PBIS?

Mt. Zion Middle School is using a new Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program this year. PBIS Rewards is an online application that allows for teachers and staff to digitally reward students points when they display positive behavior. Students earn points when they demonstrate respect, responsibility, and safety. They can then redeem those points at our online "school store" for rewards such as: free hat days, ice cream, homework passes, free-time, admission to extracurricular events, raffle drawings, etc. Students and teachers alike have enjoyed the benefits of the program, and we look forward to seeing how PBIS Rewards positively impacts our school for the remainder of the year.

Red Ribbon Week 2021

MZMS celebrated Red Ribbon Week October 25-29 with many students participating in the daily themes. The week culminated with a pep rally led by our MZMS cheerleaders during all three lunches. Check out our Facebook page for all the pictures! Below are the winners of the RRW poster contest, Jacey Turner, Lillian Mead, and Hannah Amaya, with their poster relating to the theme of "There is No Horror in Staying Drug Free".
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Academic Team

The Academic Team is working hard and representing MZMS with pride. I am excited to work with this group of young ladies and watch them grow and develop as Eagle scholars! There are two remaining meets before the Grand Match in January.

Jr. Beta Club

Jr. Beta participated in Socktober and collected socks for local homeless shelters. We also had a trunk at the Mt. Zion Community Trunk or Treat.


FBLA members are collecting non-perishables for the holiday season. If you are interested in donating goods, please contact Mrs. Brown ( or send the items with your student.

What's Coming Up!

District Fine Arts Night - December 2 at the PAC

Book Fair - December 1-15

Christmas Holiday - December 20 - January 3

Report Cards Go Home - January 6

Academic Team Grand Match - January 7

MLK Day Holiday - January 17

Social Media and Teens

Please read this short article from the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry that provides the benefits, as well as the potential risks, associated with teen use of social media.

Eagles Got Brains!

"Reading is a way for me to expand my mind, open my eyes, and fill up my heart." - Oprah Winfrey

In 6th grade ELA, the students are finishing up reading Bud, Not Buddy. The students have really enjoyed reading about hardships that a 12-year-old faced while trying to find his father alone. The students have made connections to the Great Depression through this book, by reading articles about Hoovervilles, watching a video about the GM Strike, and viewing "The Kentucky Flood" picture. Our students are understanding that life was not easy "back in the day". We will continue to research the Great Depression by reading our next novel, Out of the Dust. This novel will allow the students to learn a different perspective from the Great Depression. They have also been working extremely hard in Lexia, and are closing the gaps in learning through vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension.

In 7th grade, the students began The Canterbury Tales. The students have enjoyed our Medieval unit. We finished our first book, The Castle Diary, in which the students learned how society, hierarchy, and a village shaped Tobias's identity. We were able to discuss how our identity is shaped through society, family, and friends. Now, we are learning how different people are when a group of pilgrims decide to tell their favorite tales on the journey to Canterbury. The students are learning how the Knights, Nobles, and Clergy really feel about the Tradesmen and Peasants by listening to their stories. They have also been working extremely hard in Lexia, and are closing the gaps in learning through vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension.

8th grade English is continuing Wit and Wisdom lessons for the month of November. Module 1 is coming to an end, and new experiences with new texts are on the horizon.

After working on explicating poems for the last three weeks, November is Shakespeare month for 9th grade literature. In the coming weeks we will be reading Romeo and Juliet and Othello.

Mathematics is not a language, it's an adventure." - Paul Lockhart

In 6th grade math, we just finished up with ratios, rates, and percents. We will be working algebraic expressions in November.

Ms. Ezzell's 7th grade math students are soaring high while solving expressions and equations. They are using their knowledge of integers combined with variables to solve and check one- and two-step equations. We are learning to take real-life situations which involve solving equations in order to teach students to apply the concepts that we are learning in math to their daily lives. 7th grade math rocks!

8th grade math is working on solving equations to find angle measures of parallel lines with transversals and triangles. We will be moving into Pythagorean theorem next.

Math Videos for the Whole Family

"Real science can be stranger than science fiction and much more satisfying." - Steven Hawking

6th grade Earth Science is currently studying the layers of the earth, the rock cycle, and plate tectonics. We will begin classroom volcano projects after Thanksgiving break. Thank you to everyone who has donated supplies for the project! The students are really looking forward to making volcanoes!

7th grade Life Science is wrapping up Genetics and will begin with our next unit, Kingdoms of Living Things to wrap up the semester before Christmas Break.

8th grade Physical Science - We have already taken Common Assessment 1, and we are moving towards the end of the material for Common Assessment 2. We are currently studying Newton's 3 Laws of Motion, and Balanced and Unbalanced Forces. Common Assessment 2 will be January 4-7. Hyperdocs, Gimkit, Blooket, usatestprep, Flipgrids, Legends of Learning, Quizizz, and Illuminate are some of the programs we use in class. We also use data tracking folders for the students to monitor their own progress. We do this as a class, and it is displayed on the wall.

Honors Physical Science - We are currently reviewing for Common Assessment 2 for the High School Physical Science course. Standards that we are reviewing are Conservation of Mass, Atom Counts, Properties of Solutions, Rates at which Solutes Dissolve, Acids and Bases, and Identifying Common Household Substances as Acidic, Basic or Neutral. Hyperdocs, Gimkit, Blooket, usatestprep, Flipgrids, Legends of Learning, Quizizz, and Illuminate are some of the programs we use in class. We also use data tracking folders for the students to monitor their own progress. We do this as a class, and it is displayed on the wall.

"The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future." - Theodore Roosevelt

In 6th grade Social Studies, we have had the opportunity to learn about the rich cultures and geography of Latin America over the last few weeks. It has been a joy to see the students so intrigued by the wonders of the world around them.

In 7th grade Social Studies, we have started a section about South and East Asia. Each class is excited about the opportunity to learn about new cultures from across the world.

In 8th grade Georgia Studies, during November and December, the students will immerse themselves in the American Civil War and Reconstruction. We will continue our focus on William T. Sherman's Atlanta Campaign, Sherman's March to the Sea, Andersonville Prison. We will also begin the Reconstruction time period as it pertains to U.S. and Georgia History.

Business and Computer Science

Students in Mrs. Brown's Business and Computer Science classes are gearing up for the upcoming CCSS Technology Fair. MZMS students will compete in the following categories: Digital Animation, Robotics, Digital Game Design, Internet Applications, and Mobile Apps. The first place winners will advance to the West Georgia Technology Fair.

Drama and Broadcast

After our Hispanic Heritage month spotlight on Selena, students in Exploration of Literacy (Drama & Broadcasting) studied musical theatre and reenacted scenes from the movie Hocus Pocus. Currently they have been doing some "investigative journalism" using the CRAP test with our lessons on verifying a source. They created a fake news story and filmed themselves reporting on Flipgrid. This led to a documentary on the life and career of Mr. Rogers, and we are studying the film, "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" starring Tom Hanks, discussing the theme and how to live a life of intentionality and kindness like Mr. Rogers. (World Kindness Day was Saturday, November 13)

Eagles Got Game!

Eagles Wrestling

Middle school wrestling is in full swing this month, kicking off on Nov 13th with the Jr. Screamin' Eagle: the premier middle school wrestling tournament in the west Georgia area. This year's tournament was the largest in MZMS history with 15 school participated. MZMS had three wrestlers place: Shaddric Higdon and Devontae Higdon both placed 4th in their category and Brody Stewart won 5 of his 6 matches placing 3rd. Congratulations Eagles!

Our Eagles also showed out at the Braves Invitational on Nov 20th. MZMS took 2nd place as a team. Zack Wilkerson and Brody Stewart both took home first place medals. Jeremiah Rutledge and Devontae Higdon placed 2nd. Landon Ashley and Hunter Meadows both placed 4th. Great job Eagles!!

Eagles Basketball!

We have started boys basketball fielding a team of 15. Coach Kribbs is excited about guiding the boys to hopefully many wins and growing as young men. We have a full schedule of 18 games. The team consists of 8 eighth graders, 6 seventh graders, and 1 sixth grader. Come out and support Eagles Basketball this season!

Coach Banister is excited about another season of Lady Eagles Basketball! Scrimmage play is complete and the Regular Season will begin on November 29th at Home against the Defending 2x girls champion Temple Tigers.

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School Counselor

The guidance and counseling office at MZMS offers a variety of services for students and families. MZMS maintains a food pantry and clothes closet that can be shopped after school by appointment only. Please contact Mrs. Bennett at 770-834-3389 or for appointments or concerns.

Social Worker

MZMS has access to a social worker to address student and family needs. Referrals to the social worker typically come through the guidance and counseling office.

Therapeutic Counseling

MZMS offers therapeutic counseling services through a partnership with Willowbrook at Tanner. A referral for this service is generated by the guidance and counseling office.

Websites Your Students Use at School

Google Classroom

This school year, teachers are using Google Classroom more than ever! Ask your students to show you what's involved in using Google Classroom or contact your student's teachers for more information.

Infinite Campus

Log in to see your student's grade and connect with their teachers! Please contact Kelley Bennett at for instructions on setting up your Parent Portal!


Our language arts classes use this program extensively!

FYI: Title I

Mount Zion Middle is a Title I school. Copies of all plans are available in the Parent Resource Center and on the school's website ( The Parent Resource Center is available for parent use from 8:00am to 3:30pm in the media center. For more information on Title I plans and programs, please contact the Family Engagement Coordinator, Kelley Bennett, at 770-834-3389 or

Mount Zion Middle School's Mission

Mt. Zion Middle School’s Mission

The mission of Mount Zion Middle School is to meet the needs of all students through the development of positive relationships and premier learning opportunities.

Mt. Zion Middle School’s Vision

Mount Zion Middle School’s vision is for all students to become productive members of society and make a positive difference in the world around them.