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March 5, 2023

From the Principal

Dear Cardinal Family,

The spring semester is rolling. We are only a few short weeks from closing our school year. Please continue to be engaged in the everyday educational process for your student(s). Also, stay informed about all the great things happening in our Cardinal Community by reading the Cardinal Chronicles. Don't forget, it is published bi-monthly. Please join us for our CTE Expo and Open House from 5:30-7pm on 3.8.23. WE WILL DRAW NAMES FOR GIFT CARDS AND T-SHIRTS THROUGHOUT THE NIGHT. YOU MUST STAY UNTIL 7:00PM TO CLAIM YOUR GIFT CARD. We are looking forward to meeting with our current students and parents as well as our incoming 9th grade families.

Every single day I'm proud to come to work and I'm proud to call myself a cardinal! As always, we are committed to creating an environment where students and teachers alike can: LEARN WITH PASSION, ACT WITH COURAGE, AND CHANGE THE WORLD! #EverUpwardCardinals

Your Partner In Education,

Mich Etzel

Twitter: @ColumbusHS1894

Instagram: @columbushs1894

Facebook: @columbushscardinals

Important Dates


3/6: ILT during PIE in the Library - Have feedback for grad team handbook

3/6: CISD Board Meeting 6pm

3/6: FFA Meeting in the Ag Pavilion @7pm

3/7: OAP official rehearsal in Industrial

3/7: CHS Academic Medic Lab 7:15 in the library (also after school)

3/7: Girls Golf at Sand Hills Farm in Waller

3/7: Principal's Advisory Committee during lunches in the Library

3/7: College and Scholarship Advice Day During PIE in the Cafeteria

3/7: Boys Soccer @Calhoun 5:30pm

3/7: Girls Soccer @Calhoun 7:15pm

3/7: JV/V SB vs. Industrial 5/7pm

3/7: JV/V BB vs. Industrial 4:30/7pm


3/8 : V Tennis @Halletsville

3/8: CTE EXPO and Open House 5:30-7pm

3/9: CHS Academic Medic Lab 7:15 in the library (also after school)

3/9: Boys Golf at Sand Hills Farm in Waller

3/9: OAP Competition in Industrial

3/9: JV/V Cardinal Relays

3/9-3/11 Varsity BB Tournament @ La Grange - TBA

3/10: Boys Powerlifting - Region 4-West Hardin

3/10: JV/V SB @Hallettsville 5/7pm

3/10: Boys Soccer vs. Wharton 5:30pm

3/10: Girls Soccer vs. Wharton 7:15pm

3/13-3/17 - SPRING BREAK!!!!!

3/14: JV/V BB vs. Industrial 11am/1:30pm

3/14: JV/V SB @Tidehaven 5/7pm

3/17: JV/V SB @Palacios 5/7pm

3/17: JV/V BB @Palacios 4:30/7pm

EverUpward Cardinals

CTE Programs of Study Highlight

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Upcoming Events

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Information for Seniors

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Information for Spring Semester Exam Exemptions

Seniors to qualify for exemptions:

● Passing the class.

● Have no outstanding fines/fees.

● No major infractions resulting in ISS, Saturday School (for discipline), OSS, or DAEP placement.

● May Have to sit for exam if on an Attendance Improvement/Intervention Plan(AIP).

● MUST be FAFSA complete.

9th-11th to qualify for exemptions:

● 90+ semester average and no more than 7 absences in that class OR 80+ semester average and no more than 5 absences in that class. (absences coded A or U)

○ Extra-curricular, Co-curricular, College Visits, Funeral/Bereavement, and confirmed/documented COVID absences will not count for exemption purposes.

● No major infractions resulting in ISS, Saturday School (for discipline), OSS, or DAEP placement.

● 9th may exempt 2 exams / 10th may exempt 3 exams / 11th may exempt 4 exams

Final Exemption Policy ** Students enrolled in AP courses may take the AP exam for that course during the spring semester. AP exams are rigorous and offer the student the opportunity to earn college credit. If a student chooses to take the AP exam, they may exempt their regular final exam for that course. For Juniors/Sophomores,, the AP exam does not count toward one of the four possible exempted exams for juniors and 3 possible exemptions for sophomores. **Dual credit courses cannot be exempted**

Volunteer Packet Online

Good news!! We now have the volunteer application available on our website for anyone interested. You will fill out the form electronically and it will be submitted straight to the HR office. If you are ready to be a volunteer or join the WatchDOGS program, please complete this form and reach out to Ms. Etzel.

CHS Academic Medic Lab

Our kids are doing AMAZING things to help other kids.....check it out and encourage your child to go to our student-led tutoring center!
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CHS 2022-2023 Bell Schedules

Columbus ISD 2022-2023 School Calendar & Testing Calendar

CHS UIL Extracurricular

CHS Sports Schedules

CHS Club Information

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Upcoming Events

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School Safety

La seguridad de la Escuela

La seguridad y el bienestar es lo más importante para la escuela de CHS. *** Cualquier estudiante queriendo salir de la escuela después de que ha empezado el día tendrá que ir a la oficina para poder salir. Los estudiantes solo pueden salir con el permiso de su padre/s ; guardián (no importa la edad que tenga el estudiante). Los Padres o guardianes podrán

retirar a su hijo en persona o llamando con 24 horas de anticipación para una cita médica programada previamente. Para circunstancias atenuantes, se puede hacer una llamada telefónica de los padres el mismo día, pero se necesitará la aprobación de un administrador antes de que el estudiante abandone la escuela.Los estudiantes que faltan por causa de cita de médico, tendrán que traer la nota del doctor cuando regresen a la escuela.

Precauciones de seguridad adicionales

  • Todos los estudiantes entrarán y saldrán por las puertas de enfrente (AM & PM)

  • Los estudiantes tendrán que traer todos sus materiales que necesitan para el día por la mañana, no podrán salir a su coche durante el día para ir por algo que no tienen. Que entren preparados con todo.

  • En la hora del almuerzo, los estudiantes se mantendrán comiendo en el comedor, ya nadie podrá almorzar en las mesas de afuera.

  • Todos los estudiantes tendrán que traer su tarjeta de identificación visible todo el día.

  • Cuando un visitante llegue a CHS, tendrán que mostrar una identificación a la cámara ANTES de entrar al edificio.

  • Si un familiar viene a dejar un almuerzo , tendrán que entrar al edificio con identificación. Ningún estudiante está autorizado a salir al parqueo por el almuerzo. Si no está dispuesto(a) a entrar al edificio con identificación a dejar un almuerzo, mejor no lo traiga.

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Skyward Help

Next Cardinal Chronicles......

  • Will be published on 3/19/ be on the lookout!