U.S. and Canada connect together?

By: Ashley Shelton

Background information:

Over the years the United States of America and Canada have grown closer together. When America was established it was run by the French and the British. They were run by different leaders that hated echother so they didn't trade or share a lot of things. To this day we share the same British culture. " Each is the other's chief economic partner" written by Wikipedia, tells us that we get a lot of our goods from one another.


Economic means jobs, money, and trade. Starting off with the differences... We don't have the same currency. There are also warmer jobs in the U.S. and colder jobs in Canada. Canada exports more goods to the state of Michigan than across the Atlantic ocean to Europe. America and Canada share a $1.4 trillion bilateral trade. Canada also accounts for 28% of the total United States oil imports.


Social means groups of people, culture, and migration.

Canadas population: 34,082,000

United States population: 311,416,383

Canada has 1.6% more total land area then the U.S. But, the U.S. has 4 times more arable land because of being closer to the equator the land has better soil. The United Stateshas 9.2 times more people. The life excpectancy is pretty close in both countries.

Canada: 81.38 years life ecpectancy

America: 78.37 years life expectancy


Both the United States and Canada have the same government which is Federal Presidential Constitutional republic. Canada also has another government. The President of the U.S. is Barack Obama. The President for Canada is Stephen Harper. Neither countries have ever had a female leader. English is the main language for both countries but Canada also has French due to the 1800's.