CofC VoiceThread Upgrade


VoiceThread is Getting an Upgrade

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December 15, 2014

CofC will receive an upgrade to our VoiceThread instance. This upgrade brings many new enhancements along with a cleaner interface. If you currently use VoiceThread you should have no problems using the upgraded version as everything is similar just with a slightly improved look.

New in VoiceThread Management and Creation

  • new cleaner interface. Less distractions.
  • bulk actions. Can share multiple VTs all at once
  • can create a group or class header image to make the page more class appropriately
  • can also now link directly to a class page
  • drag and drop content to add to a VT
  • same commenting controls but with a new look
  • sharing is easier and more descriptive.
  • can add closed captions to videos that are uploaded

New in VoiceThread Playback and Commenting

  • media now has more room to grow. It fills the web browser
  • new zoom control and increased resolution
  • comments are now in a conversation channel only on one side
  • can reorder comments for more realistic discussion flow
  • better accessibility and loads of new keyboard commands
  • increased support for long text comments. Resize the window and scroll.

Tutorials Are Available