Problems with O.C and Assateague

By Mckenzie Lucius

The Main Problem

The main problem with O.C and Assateague is the Beach is eroding away. In 1933, a hurricane caused O.C to have an inlet which is a small arm of the sea where sand became trapped around the inlet that interrupts the flow of sand.

Possible Solution-Put in an artificial dune

A artificial dune is defined as an a shoreline protection option where a new mound of sediment is built towards the back of the beach. It can help by providing extra sediments whenever they are needed.


  • Can protect from flooding Barrier to beach access
  • Can be a habitat for beach animals Land loss
  • Can be assessed to satisfy


  • Barrier to beach access
  • Land loss


  • Fence (Can use banches or reed sticks)
  • Plenty of space
  • Maintenance