AIESEC Dallas Recruitment Challenge

New Info and Follow Up

Class Presentations and Boothing

There are less than 2 weeks left to recruit new members and win the $50 Visa Gift Card.

There will be a large turnout for our JSOM Booth on Wednesday, and you can still sign up for Boothing times here

It's not too late to set up class presentations, and we can work together to develop your pitches. The EB is pitching to Mrs. Smallwood, Mrs. Haworth, Dr. Page, and more.

And a special shout out to BAO BUI, for having scheduled 4 class presentations for this week!

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Helping the Refugee Crisis in Europe

With the turmoil in the Middle East and Africa, hundreds of thousands take long and often dangerous journeys to seek safety in European countries, which often can't handle the huge migration of refugees. The extremity of the situation was brought to light when a 3 year old migrant boy was found dead on a beach.

The entire purpose of AIESEC is to help make the world a better place, by equipping leaders with the skills and the understanding to make a difference. Now we have the chance to make a difference right now.

We are incorporating a fundraiser into our Boothing that will raise money for the Refugee Crisis in Europe (to be donated to either the Red Cross, Unicef, or another foundation). So if you join us for Boothing you can also join us to raise money.

And to ensure the impact that we make is more meaningful, AIESEC Dallas will match all donations made by students and professors, effectively doubling our contribution

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Info Sessions and Group Assessment

Info Sessions will be held Monday Sept 14th (during GMM) and Tuesday Sept 15th, both in FO 1.502, bring your friends!

Group Assessment will be Sept 20th, 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm, in Gemini Room SU 2.504

An Epic Induction

We are preparing for an amazing, overnight Induction to develop our large group of new members right off the bat. There will be games, catering, workshops, and all of our TN's will be invited.

It will be on Saturday, October 3rd, at a camp site, hotel, or AirBnB. Mark your calendars now.