Virus: Influenza By James Barefoot

This is a very bad virus to have. I have had it.

Characteristics of Influenza

The Influenza Virus, mostly called the flu, which is very contagious. There are many different types of the influenza virus, including the seasonal flu virus and H1N1 (mostly called swine flu). More severe than the common cold, flu symptoms can cause serious problems like Pneumonia and other infections in some people- especially those with a weakened immune system, including the elderly, the very young and pregnant women.

Poem for Influenza



Rest Until it's Over

It wont take long

Drink lots of liquids that are mainly clear, ya hear

Take Tylenol for your headache

Do not take cough medicine it goes away on its own

Difference between Pandemic and Epidemic

It goes around a school and infects the kids there. A pandemic is worldwide sickness.