By Evelyn Mejia

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Apollo Greek God

Why I chose this god.

I chose this god because Apollo is the god of music and I love music.

He is also the god of healing and medicine and one day I would like to become a doctor and heal others. His holy animal is the dolphin and my favorite animal is the dolphin so that's another reason I chose him. He also knew how to play a couple instruments one being the lyre. And I also know how to play a few instruments like the violin,guitar,and piano. Those are some of the reasons I chose this god.

His roman name is Apollo and he is immortal.

10 Fun Facts About Apollo

  1. His holy animal is the dolphin.
  2. His holy tree is the laurel.
  3. He is also considered god of healing and medicine.
  4. His twin sister is Artemis.
  5. He was the holy god of music.
  6. He never got married.
  7. His symbols were the lyre,tripod,laurel tree,and the navel stone.
  8. He was best known for his skill on the lyre.
  9. He defeated the Trojan captain Hector.
  10. There are many temples dedicated to him all over the world.