The Pride and Shame of America

Political Machines

The political machines during the industrial revolution lead to both welfare for the poor, and political corruption. So, because of this we should be both proud and ashamed of this. One of the corrupt things that the people involved with these would do is have people vote more than once or buying votes from people.
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Battles Between the Lower Classes

Immigrant were willing to take the lowest paying jobs because they were so desperate for money. Because they had little to no money, they lived in poverty, and most resolved to working for political machines.
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Child Labor

Child labor caused illiteracy, child deaths, and other harm. This is most definitely shameful.
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Americanizing of Immigrants

After arriving in the United States, new immigrants were assimilated into the American culture, but, they retained some of their old food tastes, but lost other things. The second wave of immigrants was significantly harder to assimilate, due to the fact that they all had little to no money. From 1880 to 1920 around 24 million (24,000,000) immigrants came to the united states.
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Italian Immigration pt. 1

The main reason that Italians moved to America, is to escape poverty, and earn money. Some however, were refugees, and some others, wanted to escape the newly formed Italian Government.
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Italian Immigration pt. 2

From 1880 to 1924, at least 4 million Italians immigrated to America, all for various reasons.
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United States v, American Tobacco Co. 1907

To stop a monopoly, The American Tobacco Company was split into four different parts; The American Tobacco Co., R. J. Reynolds, Ligget and Myers, and Lorillard.
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Automobiles in 1900

In 1900, over 4000 cars were sold, increasing mobility of the general people.
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Coca-Cola in the 1900s

In 1901, Coke had and advertisement budget of over $100,000. This shows how well the company was doing as a whole at that time.
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The progressive era started as just social reforms, but then evolved into the eradication of political corruption.
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Trust Busting

This refers to Theodore Roosevelt's policy of prosecuting monopolies, that went against antitrust laws. Pride.
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Early Progressives

The early people of the progressive era rejected social darwinism, or the basic concept of 'survival of the fittest.'
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American Imperialism in China

During the time period of 1880-1920, the United States tried forcing its primary religion onto China, Christianity. They did this to try to establish better relationships with the Chinese people.

Spanish American War

This was an example of economic imperialism. It is an example of that because it shows that economic benefit overrules our belief in democracy. Shame.

Imperialism Exapmles

  • Puerto Rico
  • Guam
  • The Philippines
  • Cuba
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WWI pt. 1

After the sinking of the Lusitania, WWI became our war, because it killed 114 Americans on board. Shame.
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WWI pt. 2

One of the possible causes of The Great Depression was WWI, however, we would be a completely different country today (for the worse), and still wouldn't have stopped the Great Depression, if we stayed out of the war. Both.
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WWI pt. 3

After WWI, church attendance had dropped, and the sense of 'War is Always Good' had gone.
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