Measured Progress Update


Delay in Release of Test Scores 3-8

There is a change in the schedule for the delivery and review of OCCT spring test data for grades 3-8.

The schedule is being adjusted due to several factors, including recent severe weather in Oklahoma and late pickup of materials from some districts. As a result, significant numbers of districts’ materials arrived to us late. Per our agreement with the State Department of Education, data files will now be posted to the reporting portal one week later than expected. In addition, the correction window will be extended. Please note that there are approximately 654 EOI tests that will also be reported on June 8 due to the late submission of these tests.

EOI data in reporting portal- June 1, 2015

Grades 3-8 data ready in reporting portal- June 8, 2015

EOI data ready in A-F Application- June 4, 2015

Grades 3-8 data ready in A-F Application- June 11, 2015

Data cleanup deadline- July 13, 2015

We realize that this change will affect many of you who use your data to make placement decisions, and we regret this delay. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding.

If you have any questions, please contact the Measured Progress Service Desk at 866.629.0220.