Student Exchange Program by Kayla

The People You Will Meet!-People

Get to know 3.5 million people who mostly live in the capital.

Spanish is a common language. Portuguese is a another common language along the Brazilian border.

Has a small Jewish community.

One third of the population has no religion, 60% are Catholic, 1% Jewish, and 4% Protestant.

Tradtions and Etiquette.

The Carnival, Soccer, and the tango are just some simple traditions and things that are celebrated in this country.

Family traditions and relationships are strong. Marriage is a important event.

Women have the choice of leaving their parents house before marriage.

Quiencenera's are common.

Drinking tea is common in social outings.

Natural Rescources and Agricultrue.

Waterways are important.


Livestock is more common then crops.

It's Atlantic coastal waters supply the only major nonagricultural export.

Horses, pigs, goats and other animals we know of are common.

Beef production is a important industry.

Letter Grade! C

Small country with a lot of interesting features. Most of the people live in the capital Montevideo. Marriages are formal and common like in the U.S. Soccer is a love in the country. A love for sports is common in the U.S. Religion is not very close to the U.S. Some of the resources are similar, like the livestock and crops.

Fun Facts!

Country's official name: the Oriental Republic of Uruguay.

There is not much natural forests in the country.

Hosted the World Cup of soccer twice. Won both times, and got gold metals internationally, and won the loyalty of fans nationally

Drinking tea is drank at home, soccer games, work, the beach and public places.