Pay It Foward

By Caden

Pay it Forward

You know the world right now ,It’s pretty bad if you think about it. Well we can make it a lot better if we just be nice and help people.I know right now there are millions of students and adults getting bullied and beat up or even killed. But we can all prevent that if we stop bullying and just be nice to each other.

Like I did when this kindergartner was hanging by one arm on a rock wall he already had a broken arm and he was hanging so me and some friends were trying to him when he slipped even more so then I said to my friend “go down there just in case he falls and you catch him” then I said to my other friend “go get a teacher.” Then right as the teacher came I Pulled him up and the teacher thanked us.

It’s not about saving some kids life for the fame and glory and fortune it’s about just doing something nice so that they can pass it on and then the world will be a better place. Like maybe do the dishes or even making your bed any random thing just make come from your heart. So then they can pass it on and the world will be a better place.

For another example The army is one of the biggest good deeds you could do. If you serve in the army that's amazing because you are saving millions and millions of lives including yours and your army team, but it’s no messing around you have to really take it serious and work hard.

So once again I hope you take my advice and be nice and support the army, help kids, and stopping bullying, and killing. So take my advice and do the very good so they can move it on to somebody else and make the world a better place by paying it forward!