Staff Book Clubs

Using digital tools to reflect and connect

Hello Team,

We believe that most of you have picked up the books you ordered for our optional book club readings this year. So exciting!

Why Staff Book Clubs? Well, we are eternal learners and strive to know more and more and more. Also, the hope is that we will be able to use our books studies as an opportunity to model how to use digital tools with students for reflective interaction and engagement.

Want clock hours? We will be able to offer clock hours for participation, but only for time spent in collaboration and learning based on the reading—we can’t award clock hours just for independent reading time.

Lynnelle and Amy have been looking for creative ways we can collaborate and learn together based on what we read.

Here are three basic options:

  1. Independent reading for personal edification only (no clock hours.)

  2. In person / face-to-face reflection and discussion based on reading. (Clock hours available if you meet for a minimum of 3 hours total)

  3. Digital collaboration and “discussion” based on reading. (Clock hours available if you engage for a minimum of 3 hours)

How do I get involved? Use this form to tell us how you would like to participate in Staff Book Clubs by 10/26, 12:00 pm.

We're excited to learn with you in this way! We will deliver more information after 10/26 when everyone has a chance to respond. Thanks!

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forms due by 10/26/18 at 12:00 pm