Sister Alphonse Academy Newsflash!


Dear Sister Alphonse Academy Families!

Dear Parent(s) or Guardian(s):

Happy Friday! Wishing all of our families peace and health during the beginning of this Lenten season. As we start this journey together we know that God is always with us through our challenges and celebrations. Thank you God for your unconditional love and support.

We have an exciting week coming up with our Career Symposium and Scholastic Book fair! Thank you to Mrs. Nadine Trenchard for her work in organizing the Career Symposium and thank you to Ms. Gamache for her work in organizing our online book fair! As well, thank you to all of the parents/guardians who have taken time to submit career symposium information for this event.

This coming week we have virtual Parent/Teacher interviews scheduled and so we are looking forward to engaging with you in discussing the progress and success of your child (children) at Sister Alphonse Academy.

We have also included a link regarding a health and wellness initiative we have to support GSACRD families. Please check out the GSACRD Voice Parent Cafe, which provides families with resources in supporting physical and mental health. There are some interesting sessions that take place through zoom. Watch for the dates that will be coming up in the future.


Christine Samson, Principal

Lisa Kleparchuk, Vice Principal

Mardi Gras Fun!

Students engaging in some Mardi Gras fun on Shrove Tuesday! The elementary students created colourful Mardi Gras masks and then participated in a cohort Mardi Gras parade. Our students enjoyed a muffin snack, fruit and juice box as part of our Shrove Tuesday. The snacks were provided through the school event fee.
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Faith filled Lenten Friday

Each Friday we take time as staff and students to participate in our Faith filled Friday. This time allows classes to pray, reflect and offer up their prayer intentions. We know that when two or more are gathering in Jesus' name, He is with us.
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Ash Wednesday Celebration thank you

Thank you to Mrs. McKinnon, her Grade 7 class and our District Chaplain, Doug Kramer, for leading the Ash Wednesday Liturgy which took place this past Wednesday.

It was so nice to be able to gather together in cohorts & virtually to reflect upon the start of the 40 days of Lent.

SAA Upcoming events:

Upcoming events: Month of February, 2021

Monday, Feb. 22 - An exciting day of learning!

Feb. 22 - 26 - Virtual Career Symposium Week

Tuesday, Feb. 23 - Dress up for the Future Day!

Parent/Teacher Interviews: 4:30 - 7:30 p.m.

The link for parents is

Wednesday, Feb. 24 - Pink Shirt Day

Thursday, Feb. 25 - Parent/Teacher Interviews: 4:30 - 7:30 p.m.

SAA Spirit wear day!

Friday, Feb. 26 - An exciting day of learning!

Parent/Teacher Interview sign up

Please see the link to sign up for Parent/Teacher interviews. Please note parents/guardians that you may sign up to virtually meet with up to four teachers.

Link for SAA Parents:

Thank you!

Celebrating 100 Days of school with Grade one!

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Lenten Campaigns for youth - Catholic Social Services

We have two different Lenten initiatives at Sister Alphonse Academy during Lent. Families may choose to help support vulnerable youth at Catholic Social Services through either buying a new items for an online auction that will be held the week before spring break, or families can choose to donate dollars to make a difference as well. Please note that our school was gifted with $1000 towards starting the online auction through the United Way! We are looking forward to getting this up and running. We are seeking items such as new unused artwork, hockey equipment, gift cards, toys, etc. to name a few. There will be drop off dates assigned once the items have been pledged. Please click on the link to fill out the attached Google form if you are interested in donating an item to this worth cause.
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New Beginnings Baskets for Youth Information:

GSACRD students, staff and families are invited to help raise money for Catholic Social Services staff to purchase the items for the New Beginnings Baskets.
For $150, each New Beginnings Basket will include a number of necessary items for youth in their first homes, including blankets, sheets, pillows, and pillowcases, a phone charger, grocery or Easter dinner card, towels and face cloths, dish towels and dish rags, a toaster, and cutlery.

Covid - Health & Safety Updates: Important message


To answer a few questions I have recently received regarding how notifications work if health officials confirm a case of Covid-19 in a school community, please see the procedure below. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact the school.

This information is also found found in our GSACRD Parent Handbook:

COVID-19 Protocols

If health officials confirm a case of COVID-19 in a school community, Alberta Health Services will take the following steps:

1. The zone medical officer of health will work with school authorities to quickly:

  • ○ identify cases

  • ○ identify close contacts

  • ○ create isolation measures when needed

  • ○ provide follow-up recommendations

  1. A COVID-19 case will not automatically lead to school closure—it could be that only the group of students and staff who came in close contact will be required to stay home for 14 days.

  2. Parents will be notified if a case of COVID-19 is confirmed at school and the individuals who tested positive, the school, and/or public health officials will contact those who were in close contact with the person.

  3. Each school authority will support students and staff to learn or work at home if they are required to self-isolate.

The Alberta Government has established stronger mandatory province-wide public health measures to help slow down the spread of the COVID-19.

Please open the link below to see an important change in the symptoms and isolating:

Alberta Health Daily Checklist - Please continue to screen your children for any symptoms BEFORE choosing to send them to school.

Covid-19 - How long to stay home from school

Thank you so much for your support!

Junior High News!

Building Communities of Hope!

We have some of our Grade 8 students participating in a joint venture called "Building Communities of Hope" with a group of students at Ecole St. Albert Catholic High School. Students are meeting virtually to discuss how important it is to live with hope for today and for the future.

"Building Communities of Hope is a high school course designed to support students to define hope in relation to wellbeing and to learn how to set and meet goals to create opportunities for hope in all wellbeing domains and to develop resilience when facing stress.

This course is designed around the pedagogy of hope, which is important because hope “is the best predictor of success in overall wellbeing, a better predictor than academic achievement” (Lopez, 2014).

Exploring hope is vital to youth because youth experience many life transitions that challenge them to redefine conditions to be hopeful rather than hopeless."

This is what the High School students are learning and want to share with your students along with building relationships and mentoring others.

What is happening? We are continuing a research project from the Alberta Research Network to work with junior and senior high students to understand hope and how to work together to increase it personally and collectively.

We are excited to be able to participate in this exciting opportunity with the high school.

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Ecole Secondaire St. Albert Catholic High School News!

Dear Parents,

Hello Sister Alphonse Academy grade nine parents. The SACHS admin team and staff will be visiting your child's classroom one more time on March 11th at 1:15 p.m. to enter the information from the course request forms into Powerschool. If you have not already done so could you please ensure the course request form that your child was given at our first school visit is handed in to their homeroom teacher as soon as possible. We are looking forward to helping out future Skyhawks plan for their grade ten year, as well as successive years at SACHS. Thank you for your assistance in this process.


Damon Clayton, Principal

St. Albert Catholic High School

Options Inventory for Next Year!

Although we still have one more semester of learning, we are looking ahead to begin planning option course offerings for next year. Although classes may still be in a cohort configuration due to Covid safety protocols, we are working hard at still being able to have student experience all of the many dynamic options we offer at SAA! Some of the examples of these options include:

Drama/Reader's Theatre

Sports Medicine






Wood working


Fit for Life

Options offerings will be dependent upon student interest and more information will be following as we move towards the end of the school year.

Thank you!

Pink Shirt Day is February 24, 2021

Stand up against Bullying and wear Pink on February 24th to show your support.
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Dress up like the Future Day!

In celebration of our Book Fair and Career Symposium, we encourage students to dress like they are from the future on Tuesday, the 23rd. Students can dress up like they are from the future or like their future selves. We can't wait to see your creativity!


Miss Lucienne Gamache

Library Technician

Sister Alphonse Academy

SAA Career Symposium is Here!


Exploring Different Careers Feb. 22 - 26

How did you choose to serve the world?

Students and staff at SAA would like to invite you to participate in our first ever Career Symposium. We are in need of parents who would be willing to join a class google meet or create their own video describing their career! We want to guide our students to the exciting possibilities in their futures. We know that being able to connect with real people actively working in various careers will make this meaningful and wonder driven for everyone! Please read this parent letter for more information and contact Mrs. Nadine Trenchard at if you would like to participate by February 12th! Thank you!

SAA Scholastic Book Fair is Here!

Sister Alphonse Academy Virtual Book Fair

Let reading take you anywhere at our Time Machine Book Fair!! From February 15-26, you are invited to shop our Scholastic Book Fair online.

Come explore the latest books and enjoy these special online shopping features:

All orders ship directly to your home

FREE shipping on book-only orders over $40

FREE shipping for orders made on Wednesday from 6pm-8pm

All purchases support our school and earn 20% in rewards

Our goal is to get 180 books into students’ hands, so please help us make this the best fair yet! Click here to explore our online fair when it goes live on the 15th. Until then, you can use the link to preview the upcoming books. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

Happy Reading!

Ms. L. Gamache

Phone: 780-809-2996.


Sister Alphonse Academy volunteers are needed

Hello everyone!

Our Sister Alphonse Academy Friends society is holding a number of fund raising events and are calling on parents/guardians some of their time and assistance! There are some exciting events to participate in which include the staff appreciation project and a confetti cookie fundraiser. If you are interested in assisting us with this, please email Mrs. Samson at We thank you in advance for your time and help!

A special thank you to Mrs. Kristi Rouse and Mrs. Christine Hoskins for all of the time and effort they have donated with all of the fundraising they have done so far in supporting the future purchase of equipment/needs of the school.

Friends of Sister Alphonse Academy



1. Campbell Park Bottle Depot - Ask for the receipt from the return of your bottles and cans to go towards 'Friends of Sister Alphonse Academy" envelope.

2. FlipGive - Go to or get the FlipGive app. Enter code QYXC53 to earn a portion of proceeds for the school by purchasing gift cards and shopping online!

3. COBS DoughRaiser - Mention Friends of Sister Alphonse Academy at St. Albert location, and 5% of your purchase will go to Friends of SAA.

4. Oliver's Labels -
5. Mabel's Labels - - Click on 'Support a Fundraiser' and search for Friends of Sister Alphonse Academy (St. Albert)


  • Before coming to school each day, all staff and students must complete the Alberta government’s COVID-19 Information Screening Questionnaire, which is available in multiple languages, to determine whether they can attend or must stay home. The form does not need to be submitted to the office. If your child has any symptoms, contact your school office to let your child’s school know. Everyone who enters a school will see a sign that reminds them to complete the daily COVID-19 Information Screening Questionnaire before entering the building.

  • Please remember to bring with you all of your books and supplies that are needed for school on Monday morning. Monday is a regular, full day of classes.

  • Please remember that we have four entrances for students. When you arrive at school please report to the same school door that you were using before the Christmas break.

  • On August 4, grades 4-12 students and all staff have been asked to wear masks and mask use will be mandatory in common areas and when physical distancing of 2m is not possible. K-3 students are not required to wear masks, but mask use is encouraged as much as possible. Masks are to be worn while riding the bus as well.

  • Students with pre-existing health conditions that cause symptoms of illness should be tested for COVID-19 at least once before returning to school. A negative test will help show that symptoms are related to their pre-existing conditions, and not to COVID-19. This will establish what their baseline for being healthy looks like. Families should notify their school about any pre-existing condition and the symptoms it causes. As long as these symptoms remain the same, the student can attend school.

  • Additional hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed in every school and division office and additional hand sanitizer has been provided to schools to enable individuals to practice good hand hygiene.

  • It is recommended that individual-sized hand sanitizer bottles be purchased for your children so that they have this with them throughout the day. If you need to purchase another one for Monday please do so. Thank you.

  • Students please bring your own water bottle to school and do not share them. Water fountains will remain open and be cleaned regularly.

  • All students are asked to wear a mask to wear upon entry at school and when riding a school bus. Teachers will provide mask breaks. Prior to the break, students needed more reminders of continuing to do this so let’s have a new start again.

  • Grades 4 - 9 students: Please remember to wear your mask at all times when walking in the classroom and/or hallway and continue to maintain physical distance between one another.

  • Approved cleaning protocols have been put in place in all Division buildings. Custodial staff have been trained to identify high touch areas and to know how to clean, sanitize, and disinfect them.

  • If your child becomes ill at school, your child will be placed in a safe space until you or your emergency designate picks up your child.

  • Lunch Hour: All students in the elementary and junior high school need to eat their lunch in their own classrooms. We have always had this guideline in place, but students needed a few reminders to adhere to this prior to the break. Students in Junior High who are leaving the building for lunch please follow all safety protocols with masks use, physical distancing and sanitization upon exit and entry.

  • Junior High - Nutrition break: You are to eat your snack at your desk in your classroom. If you would like to go for a short walk in the school, wear your mask and continue to maintain a physical distance of two metres while walking.

  • Gym use - Students will have grade cohort assigned time to use the gym. Please listen for the announcements for your day of use.

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Sacramental Preparation - Holy Family Parish


If your child is in Grade 2, and is preparing to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Eucharist, please contact Marieta by email: to register for preparation class.

If your child is in Grade 6, and is preparing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, please contact Marieta at to register for preparation class.

St. Albert Parish News!

Please check out the link to St. Albert Parish to learn about mass times, events and sacramental preparation opportunities.

Build your Classroom Library!

Do you want to show your teacher your appreciation for all they do? Then why not participate in our Classroom Wish List program?

It is a great way to support our scholastic book fair and help build your classroom library. Here is how you can help:

  1. Keep an eye out for your teacher's wish list. They will be sending them out at the beginning of next week.
  2. Pick and buy a book from your teacher’s list.
  3. Delete that book from the list to prevent others from buying the same book.
  4. Let Miss Gamache know what you have purchased (
  5. Once you receive the book, you can send it in with your child. There will be a bin by the library for children to drop them off in, so they can go into quarantine before being given to the teachers.

Thank you for all your support for our teachers and for our learning commons.

SIGIS Childcare available


Please note that we have SIGIS Childcare within our building at SAA! If you are in need of before school or after school childcare, please read some information below. This may be a convenient service you may be interested in. Thank you.

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