Tools of Engagement

Revitalizing Reluctant Readers & Writers, ENG 665, 3 hrs

Course Description

This course will engage teachers in important conversations, practices and research related to student engagement with and through reading and writing. Teachers will work with several tools to engage students who feel disconnected from the classroom. The goal is for teachers to create an environment where students establish, through writing, control and ownership of their learning, habits of reflection and self-discover, empathy for others, and power through mastery of the tools of literacy.

Online, with 4 Saturday meetings

Online course runs January 9 - April 16, 2016

In-person meetings: Jan 23, Feb 20, March 26, April 16


Ted Fabiano, Blue Valley Northwest HS

Michelle McClaine, Sumner Academy

Katie Kline, Missouri State University

The cost for 3 graduate hours in English is $765