Bixa Orellana

Bixa Orellana Seeds

Bixa Tree Seeds

A bushy tree also called B. Orellana Linn, generally grown as an ornamental because of its lovely flowers of various colors. The tree requires full sunlight and protection from the wind. The bush produces copious amounts of fruit, which a single tree can yield up to 270 kg. The fruits are inedible, but the Bixa seeds are best known for producing the pigment and spice called Annatto that can be used as a substitute to the much more expensive spice saffron.

Many people uses its pulp for cosmetic purposes, as hair dye or lip stick, hence it is also called 'Lipstick tree'. The pulp called bixin is said to resist insects and to protect against sunburn due to its UV-filtering properties and also the dye obtained from the pulp is used all over the world as a red-orange dye for coloring rice, cheeses, spices, soft drinks, oil, ghee, ice cream, chocolate, popcorn, butter, soup and many more. Bixa orellana is also used in medicine as a topical antiseptic for gonorrhoea, dysentery and hepatitis, ear, eye, and skin infections, hypertension, prostate and urinary infections, etc.

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