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Focus On The Next Step In Front Of You

Hello Pillow Panther Staff!

I hope you had a restful weekend and you're excited for a four day week!

Well, my weekend was spent preparing for a lot of pain on Sunday morning. The marathon took off at 7:00am Sunday morning and, wow, it was a long day. At about mile 3 my left knee started giving me issues and it basically hurt every step for the next 23.2 miles. I probably should have stopped, but I'm kind of stubborn. Plus, I didn't want to waste all those months of training. Also, around mile 3 I needed to make a "rest stop." The line for the restroom caused me to wait 10 minutes, so when I got back on the course, I immediately tried to make up for lost time. Not a good idea. I went too fast for the next 15 or so miles, causing me to hit a wall around mile 19 or 20. Lack of energy combined with that throbbing knee pain forced the last 6 or so miles to be a combination of walking and jogging. In the end, I finished, but it definitely didn't go to plan.

Isn't that the way it always is? Isn't it the same in education? We have a plan, we try to enact that plan, and "stuff" gets in our way. When that "stuff" gets in our way, we have a choice to make. We can abandon the plan all together, or we can adjust. In the end, you have a goal. My goal was to finish the race...our goal is to make sure our students are successful. I had a plan to run the race at a certain pace...we have a plan to ensure success for our students. Knee pain and a mistake in the amount of effort I put out caused me to hit a road bump...absences, behavior, a lesson not going well, etc. can cause us to hit road bumps as well. I had a choice to give up or to readjust the plan and push through...we have a choice, daily, to give up on a kiddo's ability to learn or to readjust our plan and push through. That's one of the challenges of teaching. Things don't always go as planned and when you have a large class of kiddos at all different levels, we can choose to give up on some that aren't showing progress, or we can readjust our plan to make sure we meet them where they are and take them to where we want them to go. This is true all year long, but especially during this time of year. We are getting benchmark data back along with the formative assessments you do in your classroom. We need to make a decision to either adjust what we are doing to meet the needs of each of our students, or choose to give up on some. I know that we won't choose the latter because we are educators, and educators don't work that way. Please take the time to assess your plan of action yourself, and as a grade level team, to make sure we are helping all of our students progress. The school year truly is almost over. It might not seem like that, but we all know how quickly the spring semester moves. Let's make sure we aren't looking back at the year in April or May and saying, "Man, I wish I had made that adjustment sooner." Or, "Man, I wish I had really taken a look at that data because it could have helped me adjust my lessons."

At one point in the race, I felt like I couldn't keep going. I was looking for anything to help. It took me turning on the metronome on my watch so that I could step to the sound of the beep to keep my legs moving. I put my head down and just focused on the next step, not the road ahead. I told myself to run for X distance and then I'd walk for Y distance before running for X distance again. I used the encouragement from those on the sidelines. Most were random strangers, but they gave motivational chants, offered water, gummy bears, even beer (I did not take part in that...can you imagine trying to finish after drinking that?!), and one person even grabbed my hand, told me a 90 year old guy had just run by so I could run too, and pushed me on the back to force my legs to start moving faster! I also used the encouragement from family and friends. I was able to see my wife and son around mile 17 and then again at the finish. Pat Werner from our PE department was there with a poster for me, offering encouraging words and water/gatorade at multiple points on the course. I found out afterwards that others were tracking my progress online. It helps when you are going through a tough task to have people supporting and motivating you. It's the same for us at this point in the year as educators. We need to lean on one another for motivation, encouragement, ideas, etc. so we can get through this year with our students being successful. Ms. Cardenas and I are here for you as well. You can't go at it alone, so don't.

I'm excited...I'm motivated...I'm encouraged for the remaining days of this school year. It's because of the great staff at this school. Thank you for all of the hard work you have done and continue to do. The finish line is in focus on the next step in front of you!

P.S. - Below are some pics from the race!

-Mr. Hill

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