Art: 1920s to Present

Elizabeth Joseph

1920s-Georgia O Keeffe




This was a period in which abstract expression was getting really popular.


this period is known for it Pop Art Movement for which Andy Warhol is really famous for.


The article The 1970s: New American Painting states"The decade of the 1970s, however, has been marked by a shift away from simple, primary forms in painting, and a concomitant … [more]feeling that there is no mainstream or major style (that is, no style which is inherently more important than any other). "

1980s- Neo Expressionism

The article Neo Expressionism states,"Very different artists, especially in the United States, from Julian Schnabel and Francesco Clemente to Jean-Michel Basquiat, turned in expressive directions to create work that affirmed the redemptive power of art in general and painting in particular, drawing upon a variety of themes including the mythological, the cultural, the historical, the nationalist, and the erotic."


2000-2015- Comtemporary Art