What is Fraud?

If you never heard of Fraud it's intentional deception for their own gain. You may have most likely heard of people getting their accounts hacked. They can have their bank accounts, car insurance, anything that they need to use their personal information hacked.

Some examples of that are-

  • email from your bank telling you that they need your information again.
  • on an auction site that may look legit but you've never heard of.
  • somebody telling that you can work from home and make money.

Ways to avoid Fraud

There are ways to avoid fraud, so don't worry about every little thing sent to you.

  • Check with your bank first to see if they actually sent you an email regarding your personal information. It never hurts to check.
  • Don't reply to anything that you've never signed up to asking for personal information.
  • Also don't ever believe anything that seems to good, like getting an ipad for free, that's most than usual than not a Fraud.
  • You could also inform your self a lot better on fraud so in the future you won't have problem with it.