News from Kindergarten

November 30 - December 4


  • Don't forget to send in completed November BOOK It calendars this week for a free pizza!
  • New homework calendars come out on Tuesday. Please make sure to send homework notebooks back to receive December's homework.

Upcoming Events

  • December 1st - BOOK It! November calendars can be returned
  • December 2nd, 8:15am - Coffee with the Principals
  • December 2nd, 5pm - PTA Meeting
  • December 7th-11th - Holiday Shop. Our class goes on Monday, Dec. 7th.
  • December 10th-11th - Kindergarten PALS Winter Assessment
  • December 17th - Kindergarten Holiday Lunch
  • December 21st - January 4th - NO SCHOOL, Winter Break

This Week's Learning Goals

I can...

  • use pictures to make predictions. (Reading SOLs: K.9c, K.10a)
  • write my first name. (Writing SOL: K.11b)
  • draw a picture. (Writing SOL: K.12a,b)
  • identify the ordinal position of ten concrete objects when presented from left-to-right, right-to-left, top-to-bottom, and bottom-to-top. (Math SOL: K.3)
  • investigate and explain how objects are affected by a magnet. (Science SOL: K.3)
  • identify, and classify commons objects as being attracted or not attracted to magnets. (Science SOL: K.3)

Games to Go

I hope you are all enjoying the games in the Games to Go briefcase. They are all learning games, but they are all meant to be fun.