Changes to NYSHIP - The Empire Plan

NYSHIP - The Empire Plan - Effective July 1, 2023

The changes affecting your NYSHIP Empire Plan coverage were negotiated by the State employee unions and were administratively extended to active employees and retirees of NYSHIP Participating Agencies with The Empire Plan.

RATE CHANGES - New Monthly Premiums (decrease 2.73%)

Active Employees

  • Individual Coverage: $1,308.34
  • Family Coverage: $3,089.17
Medicare Retirees

  • Individual 65 or over: $463.67
  • Family with one (1) individual 65 or over: $1,324.83
  • Family with two () individuals 65 or over: $1,208.56

Rate changes will be reflected on the May 26, 2023 payroll.

Highlights of NYSHIP Changes - Effective July 1, 2023

  • New Empire Plan Benefit Cards - new cards will be issued to you and your covered dependents in advance of the July 1, 2023 changes
  • Updated Summary of Benefits
  • Single Visit Copayment - only a single $25 copayment will be charged for all covered services provided under the Medical/Surgical Program (office visit, office surgery radiology, diagnostic test or lab services) by a participating provider in a single visit
  • Reduced In-Network Maximum Out-of-Pocket Limits
  • COVID 19 Immunizations - COVID -19 vaccines are now included on the list of covered immunizations. As a result you continue to have coverage with no copayment required at a participating provider.
  • No Copayment for Virtual Visits Using LiveHealth Online - to register go to and select the lint to LiveHealth Online or call 1-888-548-3432.
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