Chinese Schools of Thought


Confucianism is similar to an older sibling. A older sister or brother has to be an example for their younger siblings by respecting parents and traditions. Confucius believed education is important and the golden rule. Five relationships such as father to son, elder brother to younger brother, husband to wife, ruler to subject, and friend to friend should be cherished. These ideas were put into a book called Analects during the Han dynasty.


The philosopher Hanfeizi believed every person has evil but good sometimes. According to him, greed is the reason for problems. He had harsh ideas such as forcing people to build the Great Wall and punished them if they did not.The Qin dynasty took over after the Han.  


Laozi is the best ruler of the all. He did little to govern. For people to be happy, they should have peace with nature , live a care-free life and use magic. They did not enjoy conflicts and have called The Way of Virtue.


Buddhism was started by Siddhartha. Buddhists believed in Four Noble Turhs and the Eightfold Path. The stupa were important to the culture. Meditation lead to peace .