Beating the Odds

Lakeview Staff Newsletter - Oct 26


Some people like to engage in vision/mission work. Some people don't. Either way, I know what it looks like when a group lacks a cohesive vision. You can take highly skilled people, give them all the incentives and resources in the world, and design perfect action plans. But if there isn't a vision, the end result is confusion. Why? Because the group never knew what the target was.

I can't imagine a better group of people with whom to talk about high-quality instruction. The conversation is not for the timid. We have to be of one mind about the ideal vision for instruction at Lakeview. It might be uncomfortable to put it in writing because we worry that we need to be experts in every area right away (I know that I would not be an expert in all of these areas right away). A vision should move us slightly beyond our comfort zone and provide cohesion as we strive together. The vision will guide our future learning. And it needs to be now, at the outset of our work together.

Because vision work is messy, I propose a group meet to go through the feedback, confer, and make revisions that can be brought back to the large group. The meeting will be Wednesday morning, October 31st, from 7:30-8:15 in the library. Anyone is welcome, and I'd love to have wide representation from classroom teachers, pupil services, specialists, coaches, etc. I will bring food - please email me by Monday at 3:45 if you are interested.

Looking Ahead

Monday, October 29

Admiral's Reader in 5th grade 2:00 p.m.

Please wear blue Admiral's shirts this day (we'll try to do this every time an Admiral's player is coming) - tell students about this - if you use a Remind/Dojo/SeeSaw app, consider sending a reminder on Sunday, October 28 about blue shirts.

Tuesday, October 30

Lunch & Learn with Tammy - creating a form for tracking conferring

Tuesday, November 6

No students ~ election day ~ PD day

Trimester 2 science will be a big topic (schedule TBA)

District Trauma Sensitive team will meet as well

Wednesday, November 7

Picture make-up day

November 8 - PTO meeting in the Lakeview library from 7-8 p.m.

Friday, November 9

All-school assembly from 11:00-11:30

Since this is a half day for students, we do not have lunch. Instead, we will have an assembly at this time to recognize Golden Lion recipients. In the next two weeks, please continue to positively reinforce with Golden Lion tickets and be sure your classroom is well represented at the assembly. During the assembly, we will return the tickets to the students by calling them up and letting students take them home. We will then have an empty Golden Lion wall to start anew and refill!

November 15 - Lakeview Movie Evening. This is a Thursday dinner-time event. More information will follow, and students will vote on the movie in November. Thank you to our PTO for sponsoring this event!

Structural Items

Family newsletter - Here is a link to this week's family newsletter.

Veteran's Day cards - Due in the office by Monday, November 5th, if your class decides to participate.

Literacy Leveler app - Now available on iPads in the library. Many thanks to Diane and Shannon.

11:25 is a busy minute in our school. Thank you for being on time for 11:25 duties. For K/3/4 students coming inside from recess at that time, please do not arrive at the lunchroom before 11:25. I'm thinking that putting 4th and 5th at the kitchen end of the lunchroom might be better for traffic flow, but don't change that yet - just a "heads up".

8:50 is another busy minute. Thank you for starting instruction promptly at 8:50. Please tell students to be done eating before the pledge at 8:45 so your cleanup crew can take trays and garbage to the hallway right after announcements and the class can begin instruction at 8:50.

Grade Level Data Conversations

Grades 2 through 5:

Each grade level please schedule 30 minutes with me to talk about student data using the gap-to-proficiency spreadsheet that we went through in our staff meeting on Wednesday. I would like special ed teachers to be part of these conversations. Check my calendar and send me an invite for your grade level. At the meeting, we will discuss each student that is projected "not proficient". The meetings should all be by the end of the day on Friday, November 2nd.

4K through 1st grade - we will have this conversation after PALS data is all collected.

In light of our conversation about data, I came across this great article. Here's my favorite line: "Rather than ask questions or define problems that schools are actually trying to solve, we have expected our users (e.g., teachers and district leaders with little time to spare) to somehow derive meaning from thousands of data points in a way that relates to their day-to-day challenges and opportunities." We need to figure out the right questions for Lakeview.


Thank you for submitting SLO's and beginning-of-year reflections. It does take me quite awhile to go through all SLO's carefully. It is important to me that I know what your goals are for this year. That way, when I am in your classroom or having conversations, I can keep in my mind what your PPG is, what your work during personalized professional development is, etc. My goal is to have all SLO's finished by our next PD day on November 6th. Once all SLO's are finalized, I'd like to talk about how we make our SLO's and PPG's transparent to each other in the building. Please think about that and let me know if you have ideas.

A note for "My Learning Plan" - when you get those automatic emails to "acknowledge" a form this year, please do so within 24 hours. It just helps keep things moving on my end of the system.

Observations for "Continuing 3" Teachers

If you are a Continuing Year 3 teacher, please look at your plans for November. Starting the week of November 5th through the end of November, I would like to schedule the formal observations for Continuing Year 3 teachers. Please schedule a 30 minute pre-conference with me that is at least 24 hours before a 45 minute observation (using a Google Calendar invite, of course). If you have questions, please let me know.

Character Dares & Trauma Sensitive Schools

I'd love to hear more stories about how the character dares are impacting your classroom. I know we sometimes say "I do something like this" but really try to do the actual dare itself. Here's the next one:
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