Destiny's Decision

by Danyelle Scroggins


Destiny finally realizes…………..

Destiny Barnes was finally accepting the fact that Faith Temple Cathedral belonged to her after the death of her grandparents, and the church she loved is now without a pastor but not for long. As she and her two best friends deal with church, marriage, divorce, and secrets, she learns that God is truly in control.

First Lady Lora Barnes was sure of two things before she died; she had to find a pastor for Faith Temple Cathedral and a husband for her granddaughter Destiny. And she was absolutely sure that when she found Roderick Prince Strong, he was not only the perfect pastor, but the perfect match for her granddaughter.

……………..that her Destiny is securely wrapped around Jeremiah 29:11………..

Pastor Roderick Prince Strong an Atlanta native knows his ministry is for hurting people and finds himself drawn to Shreveport, Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina and a conversation with First Lady Lora Barnes. Even though his mother Queen is not happy about the decision, she gives Roderick her blessings but prays that above anything else, he would find a wife. Can Destiny let go of her fear of commitment and dedicate her life to Faith Temple Cathedral in a roll other than owner?

God’s Plan and Not Her Own!