FMS @ a Glance

October 10-14, 2016

Weekly Calendar

Monday, October 10th

AMLE National Convention

2:00 pm PST meeting

Tuesday, October 11th

Vision and Hearing checks

District Staff Development

Wednesday, October 12th
Department PLC

Cyberbullying Assembly 6th and 7th hour

Thursday, October 13th
Flu shots at the D.O.

8:05 am Para meeting

3:30 pm Middle School Model meeting

Friday, October 14th

7:30 am FMS Tech Committee meeting

Upcoming Events:

17th Picture Day

18th Picture Day

Parent Teacher Conferences

19th Parent Teacher Conferences

20/21 No School - MEA

FMS Media Center News

I have applied for a $2,500 grant through Farmer's Insurance. If award this grant, the monies will be used for some new seating in the Media Center.

I need VOTES, and you could vote everyday if you have the time.

If you would be willing to vote, go to:

Click the red VOTE now button

Choose the $2,500 proposals

Type Wilker in the "search for a proposal"

Click on proposal and vote

You will then be sent an email to verify the vote, the vote is not submitted until you verify it

Thank you!!

Kristen Wilker


Middle School


Athletic Information to be aware of:

Attention Middle School Athletes!

Below are the Winter Registration Windows for Girls Basketball, Wrestling, and Boys Basketball. Please be sure to get registered - you will not be allowed to participate unless registration is entirely complete. Visit for more information, forms and a link to the registration pages on Fee Pay.


Dance Team: Sept 26 – Oct 7th

Girls Hockey: Oct 10 – Oct 21

Boys Hockey/Girls Basketball/Gymnastics: Oct 24 – Nov 4

Wrestling/Boys Basketball: Oct 31st – Nov 11th

Boys Swim & Dive: Nov 7th – Nov 18th


Girls Basketball (7th/8th): Oct 3rd - Oct 14th

Wrestling: Oct 24th - Nov 4th

Boys Basketball (7th/8th): Dec 5th - Dec 16th

District Health Office notice:

Just a friendly reminder that teachers who are taking their students on field trips need to get a class list down to your building nurse at least a week before the field trip. It is very important that you are aware of students you take on these field trips who have life threatening medical conditions and how to respond to them. The nurses need time to gather the needed information to give to staff, educate them, as well as any medications that need to go with.

If Correen or myself have already met with you this year regarding medical conditions in students such as asthma, etc. then future trips this year you can go to the building nurse for a brief review.

If you receive an email from the health office requesting to meet with you regarding medical conditions before the field trip, please reply within a timely manner. It is everyone's responsibility to keep our students safe in the school setting.

Again, we need time to do our part and this means getting the class lists to the building nurses at least a week if not more in advance of going on a field trip. I understand that some field trips can come up sooner than a week. In these instances, it's important to remember to get the list to the building nurse as soon as possible and that we still need to meet to go over the emergency plans prior to the field trip.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Thank you in advance for your teamwork.

Amy Schak RN, BSN, LSN, MA

District Health Coordinator

Faribault Public Schools

330 9th Avenue SW

Faribault, MN 55021

Office: 507-333-6104

Fax: 507-333-6111

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Do you average your student's grades to come up with a final quarter grade? Is that an accurate way to calculate grades? Think about this, if Le Bron James and two teachers from FMS walked into the office, the average yearly income of the three people is about $16,000,000. Is that an accurate way to determine income averages?

Something to think about!

Library books:

Please encourage your students to return any library books they are not reading or to renew the ones they are still reading.

There are roughly 560 overdue books just from September....

Thank you for your help.

Kristen Wilker


Middle School


Scent free building.

Our handbook identifies us as a scent free building. Please visit with me if you feel there is a pressing issue that requires your classroom to have some sort of scented plug-in or room deodorizer.
Thank you.

FMS and U of M Parent Partner Program (under the direction of Mrs. Zulema Nieves)

Congratulations to our PSS CYFAR team! I am excited to share with you that our team was honored and awarded one of the Distinguished Service winners for Diversity and Inclusion by Extension Dean and Director Bev Durgan this week at our Extension Program Conference in Duluth. This is a very prestigious honor. (email from U of M)
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AMLE National Convention a great experience ...and it's only been one day. Can't wait for the rest of it. The the beef brisket and ribs are pretty darn good around here as well!