Railroad Conductor/Yardmaster

By Trever Lima

What would you do?

  • tell the engine crew what to do in a railroad yard or a industrial plant
  • instruct train crew on trips
  • look over train schedules
  • tell train crew to makeup or breakup of trains and yard switching.

Personal traits that would be good for a Railroad Conductor/Yardmaster.

  • noticing a problem and finding the best way to solve it
  • communication
  • thinking about the pros and cons of a situation and making the right call
  • arranging things
  • multitasking
  • not being distracted

Salary, Needed Education and Technology skills needed



Education needed:

high school diploma/GED

Technology skills needed:

  • Automated equipment identification AEI software
  • RailComm DocYard
  • Bourque Data Systems YardMaster
  • Freight reservation software
  • Inventory tracking software
  • Softrail AEI Rail & Road Manager