Virtual Board Briefs

Summary of the February 22, 2021 BOE Meeting, held virtually

Board Briefs is a newsletter-style overview of the highlights of the Board of Education's discussion and action. You can find the meeting agenda online here, and look for minutes of the meeting to be posted after they are approved at the next BOE meeting (March 15, 2021).

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D34 Board Meetings: Virtual for Now

District 34 Board of Education meetings are being held virtually until further notice. Information to access the virtual meetings live will be emailed to parents, staff and community members and posted on the D34 website no later than the Friday before each meeting.

Superintendent's Reflections

Each month, Superintendent Dr. Dane Delli updates the Board of Education and the community about programs, events, notable achievements, and other timely information and celebrations.

Thanks and Recognition

Dr. Delli praised Director of Buildings and Grounds Steve Ruelli and the team of custodial and maintenance staff for managing the snow over the past few weeks. He explained that the District does not use an outside service; they work to to keep the inside and outside of our buildings safe and clean. "They have literally been doing heavy lifting," said Dr. Delli.

Community Participation

In a new procedure for community participation, community members submit their name and connection to the district in an online form, which opens before the start of the Board of Education meeting. Then, they pose their comments and questions virtually.

During the two opportunities for community participation (one early in the meeting, and the other at the end of the meeting), the following community members submitted comments and questions:

First Community Participation Period (Before Presentations)

  • Laura Coleman, parent of D34 students, cautioned against comparing the private school experience to District 34's in bringing back students as their student population are much less that D34's.

  • Sarah Lund, staff member and president of the Glenview Professional Association, expressed that the environment has been working well. She shared support of maintaining the CDC recommended guideline of 6', and concern that eating lunch in buildings puts students and staff at risk.

  • Erin Murningham, parent of future D34 students, said that other districts, areas and states are open to greater in person learning than District 34.
  • Nisha Patel, parent of D34 students, asked how District 34 interprets "6' when feasible" and what the plans are for distancing, given that some public schools in the area are using 3'.
  • Jaclyn Deppen, parent of D34 students, asked what is the measure/metric to bring students back to full in-person learning.
  • Scott Steele, parent of D34 students, asked what data the District is using to justify not fully reopening schools.
  • Liz Lapp, parent of D34 students, asked why the schedule hasn't changed from remote learning on Wednesday; and what supports and plans will be in place for students who are struggling.
  • Kathleen McNeela, parent of D34 students, would like to know about summer programs available to fill in learning gaps.
  • Tracy Kellner, parent of D34 students, thanked the Board and staff for keeping students safe. She expressed that the inconsistency in having a remote day on Wednesday provides challenges.
  • William Chapman, parent of D34 students, thanked the District for increasing kindergarten in person time.
  • Dr. Dana Russo, parent of D34 students, would like to keep the discussion open with bringing students back full time with 3' distancing with masks to consider the negative impact on students of remote learning.

Second Community Participation Period (After Presentations)

  • Nanette Ross-Meridith, staff member and president of the Glenview Education Association, expressed that a full-time in person environment creates health and safety concerns, particularly given the current limited supply of vaccines.
  • Dr. Alpa Modi, parent of current D34 students, expressed support for reducing 6' distancing and would like to see all teachers vaccinated.
  • Kirby Murphy, parent of current D34 students, said that the District should have had a plan in place prior to now.
  • Vikas Patel, parent of current D34 students, said that the goal is to get kids back in school as the current model is not sustainable. He said that while 6' distancing is an ideal situation, it is not necessary.
  • Cori Mohr, parent of current D34 students, thanked the Board for holding meetings virtually to make it accessible to a wider audience. She said that special education is not special treatment, and thanked the District for the work and attention to detail.
  • Rebekkah Sobolewski, parent of current D34 students, thanked the Board for considering in-person learning. She suggested the use of barriers and encouraged the District to ask parents to be part of the solution.
  • Bonnie Kearns, citizen, asked if the District considered a refund to taxpayers and said that her children have been fully in person all year in private school.
  • Danielle Scharf, parent of current D34 students, thanked the Board and administration. She expressed expressed concern of the mental health of students and staff and the need to provide resources to support them.
  • Lauren Singer, parent of current D34 students, thanked teachers and Board for representing the community. She said that is discouraged that there isn't a plan in place to return, and that parents would be willing to donate to fund the needs to return.
  • Whitney Langas, parent of current D34 students, thanked the Board for sharing their thought process and for their volunteerism. She thanked the administration and encouraged them to call upon the community for help.
  • Tracy Kellner, parent of current D34 students, said that she appreciated seeing the information laid out in the presentation. She would like to know if there would be an opportunity to change choice of environments.
  • Tom Kiesau, parent of current D34 students, praised the Board and expressed disappointment in the administration.
  • Jules Dessibourg, parent of current D34 students, would not support a return without proof that 3-4' distancing is safe.
  • Laura Coleman, parent of current D34 students, expressed concern about the comments from other community members.


The Board approved the consent agenda, which included a personnel report, payroll and vendor warrants, executive session recordings from 2016-2018, Board Policy Issue 106 and playground capital replacement plan.

Approval of Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources & Glen Grove Principal

Dr. Delli highlighted that the personnel report included the hiring of Lyon Principal Kevin Dorken as the new Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources and Kate Ellison as the new Glen Grove principal. Both administrators begin their new roles starting July 1, 2021.
Big picture
Big picture


Consideration for Adapted In-Person

Dr. Delli and members of the District 34 administrative team shared the considerations for moving to an adapted in person environment. "Adapted in person" is a learning environment in which a majority of students attend school in person daily with recommended safety measures, and online options are available for those who need them. This definition was part of the framework for learning environments in the plan approved by the Board in July 2020.

The considerations that the administrative team covered in their presentation includes:

  • Health and safety protocols, with an emphasis on understanding the inconsistencies in guidance for distancing
  • Space needs
  • Transportation and lunch
  • Staffing
  • Staff vaccination
  • COVID-19 testing

Board members directed the administration to plan for a move to adapted in person no later than April 12.

The District will provide an update as soon as possible on the details including timeline, in-person/GOAL selection process, scheduling and placement, staff considerations and more.

Staffing Allocations for 2021-2022 School Year

Executive Director for Human Resources Dr. Heather Hopkins explained that staffing contingencies consider the uncertainty in environments. The staffing allocations include changes in middle school schedule to increase student opportunities for exploration and choice. Band and orchestra would be taught during the day. The middle school teams will present more details on this schedule in April, but the administration wanted to share some of the highlights as they impact staffing.

Meet the Board of Education

Glenview District 34 is governed by a seven-person Board of Education, elected by the community, that consists of the following individuals:

  • Natalie Jachtorowycz (President)
  • Jim Baumstark (Vice President)
  • John Heggie
  • Katie Jones
  • Mike Korman
  • Scott Nelson
  • Diane Stefani

You can contact the Board at