All About Me

Ally Goss 4B

Things about me:


First of all, before you know anything else about me, know this. I. Love. Music. Music is literally my life. Whether it's playing an instrument or just listening to music. I play the flute, piano and of course, vocals. The music genres I like most are Rock, Classic Rock, Post Hardcore and Pop Punk. Sorry, not sorry. :). Well, enough about my obsession with music. Let's get to know some other things.


Another thing I love most in life is photography. It's a great hobby and a great way to just pass the time. Things I mostly take pictures of is nature. The thought of photography is amazing. The fact that you can capture any moment you witness and keep it nearly the rest of your life. If we didn't have photography, or cameras of any kind, imagine all of the moments we'd miss and forget.


I love to hang with friends as much as the next person, but if someone asked me to go to a party if I had the option of staying home, I'd stay home and watch movies. I love Horror movies, Disney movies and thrillers. One of my favorite Horror movies is Vile. (DO NOT WATCH IF YOU ARE SQUEAMISH.) My favorite *Classic* Disney movie is The Fox and the Hound. The perfect Saturday night me is watching movies and just laying in bed.

Let's Get Personal

I realize in my last paragraphs I have almost NOTHING about my personal personal like my appearance, or what my friends and family are like or anything. Well, I'm Ally! I'm from Wisconsin. I go to Marshall Public Schools. Marshall is a small town, but personally, I'd love to live in a big city. Something about the city life excites me! My friends.. Well.. we're a bunch of freaks! In a good way, though. I love them like family. They've always been there for me through ups and downs. Speaking of family.. Well, I live with my mom, my brother, my step dad and my step brother. We also have a dog named Bucky. We get along well, but we sometimes have our differences. What family doesn't?

Everything Else

I have no idea why we should title this "All About Me." I haven't put EVERYTHING about me in here, and I don't think I can. That'd take too long! Anyways, I don't really have much. I'm not really an interesting person at all. Well, besides the fact that I have blue hair. That's not really something you see everyday. Although it draws a lot of attention, I don't exactly like having all eyes on me. I prefer to live my life as the little fish in the big pond.