Celebrating the Life of Jay Gatsby

Jay Gatsby funeral will be held October 2,1922 at 12 P.M

Jay Gatsby was 30 years old when he passed away, he live on west egg a island called Long Island.Everyone says he was the cause of the death of Myrtle. They also say that was the reason why he was killed. The adds say myrtle husband was the one that killed him because he believed that gatsby was having an affair with his wife.

When growing up gatsby family very poor, he attended oxford college for 5 months then he went off to war. He was born in North Dakota on a farm were he met Daisy While he was training to be an officer. Daisy was the women he fell in love with and he wanted her to wait for him after he got out of the war.

Five years later he resigned in New York where he was bootlegger. He owed drug stores were he sold alcohol. He throws parties and doesn't invite anyone people just show up. He left behind his father and Nick his bestfriend.