BJHS Math 7 - Unit 3

Practice What We Do In Class!

Textbook Correlation - Do you need more examples????

Take a peek in the textbook pages mentioned below and the dates we are learning these concepts in class. These pages offer examples and extra problems to practice. Please view the pages in the on-line text book. Need help getting on - go to my homepage for instructions.

McGraw Hill Volume 1 /Approx. Date We Are Learning in Class

7.4B - Unit Rate - pages 123-128 October 11 & 12

7.4D - Proportions - pages 147-152 October 13 - 17

7.4D - Percent Proportions - pgs. 237-242 October 18 - 19

7.4D - Percent of Change - 257-264 October 20

7.4C - Constant Rate of Change - 187 - 192 October 22-23

McGraw Hill Volume 2/Approx. Date We Are Learning In Class

7.13B - Percent of Budget/ Personal and Family Budgets pg. 791 - 794 October 21

Unit 3 Assessment - October 24th

A review will be sent home on Thursday, October 20. We will discuss answers to review questions in class. For concepts taught on October 20th & 21, VIEW VIDEOS for new concepts.
Prerequisite Skills - Ratios - Get Up To Speed!

Review What a Ratio is and how we use ratios to solve problems. Think about ratios ALGEBRAICLY!

Unit Rates - The price PER - one

Click this hyperlink to view resources for this concept!

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