Natasha's trip to: Cakes & Candy

Algebraic expressions

Candy Canes

If a 20 pack of candy canes costs $4 what is the price of each candy cane?

How to solve the problem:

Sugar Rush :)

Natasha buys 3 jumbo-size lollipops for $0.50, 2 large packs of sugar cookies for $2 each and 5 extra-large marshmallows. The total cost is $5. How much did the marshmallows cost?
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Money :$

Helen gets paid at least $78 per hour depending on how quickly she makes the candy. If she works 8 hours one day how much will she earn?
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Amber the Cashier

Amber got paid $9 one day and _____ the next. If she got a total of less than $40 what inequality could you use to represent this situation?

Do It Yourself Problems

Do It Yourself Problem #1

Each pound of candy costs $2.50 Annabelle's total was $7.50. How many pounds did she buy?

Do It Yourself Problem #2

Each cake costs less than or equal to $32. If Annabelle buys 6 cakes what will her total be? Use an inequality to represent this situation.

Do It Yourself Problem #3

Sarah bought 3 regular size packs of marshmallows. Her total was $3. How much did each marshmallow cost?

Cakes, Bakes, & Candy