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Planning a Funeral

Meaningful Services

We understand that each and every individual is unique, and will try our best to help you plan the funeral that you or your loved one deserve. We take into consideration the many different traditions and rituals that individuals have, and because of this we offer many different services. We also understand that losing a loved one and planning their funeral is a difficult task, which is why we want to help you through this difficult time.

What to do First

It is important to honor the wishes of the deceased, which is why before planning their funeral you will want to gather certain information and documents such as:

  • The deceased's personal information
  • Their last will
  • Their prepaid disposition plan
  • Organ/Body donor registration information (After Death Planning Guide, n.d.).

If the deceased did not leave any of these documents behind and their wishes are unknown, the next step would be to figure out who is in charge of making decisions regarding the funeral arrangements and body disposition. If the deceased has a power of attorney for health care these decisions will be left up to them, if not, the spouse or next legal kin will be in charge (After Death Planning Guide, n.d.).

Challenges within the Family

If you and your family are left to make these decisions on your own, you may face many challenges. At times like these people may have a hard time agreeing on what their loved one would want, and what should be done. When coping with a loss, making rational decisions may be a hard task, especially when so many emotions are heightened (Key Funeral Planning Challenges and Considerations, n.d.). However, it is most important to take into consideration what your loved one would want, not what you or your family may want.

Traditions and Rituals

Due to the many different traditions and beliefs that individual's have today, we offer many different services and arrangements, to help you plan the funeral and/or ceremony your loved one deserves. Below is a list of the following decisions you will need to make when making arrangements for your loved one:

  • Choose a burial or cremation service
  • Select a casket or cremation container
  • Select a burial vault or cremation urn
  • Choose the type of service you want and what time you would prefer to have this service
  • Will there be a wake or family viewing; If so, will there be an open or closed casket
  • Will there be floral arrangements, candles, or incense
  • What religious items would you like displayed, if any
  • Select music, hymns, prayers, scriptures, or other literature to be read (Organizing Arrangements, n.d.).

How your loved one's body is prepared for final disposition, as well as the final disposition is important to consider right away, as well. Some of your options are listed below:

  • Embalming
  • Cleaning & wrapping
  • Body donation to science
  • Entombment
  • Mausoleums (Leming & Dickinson, 2011).

Funeral Expenses

At Eternal Rest, we understand how costly funeral expenses can be. This is why we offer a wide range of options and selections that will make it easier on you and your family to have a meaningful memorial, that is within your price range. We are willing to accommodate you in any way that we can.

If you and your family are struggling to cover the costs of a loved one's funeral, you have several options:

  • Call your department of social services to find out if they offer a burial/cremation program
  • Contact government agencies
  • Create a GiveForward page to start a memorial fundraiser (Help with Funeral Expenses, n.d.).
  • Avoid emotional overspending

Additional Resources

For more information on planning a funeral for your loved one please visit the websites below:


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