Young Family Library News

From Gail and Sue

Meet Our Library Fish Perseus (Percy)!

Our fish tank is an aquafarm where the fish gets oxygen from the wheatgrass and the wheatgrass gets compost from the fish waste. Thanks to senior Daniel Sauers for putting together the library fish tank and to eighth grader Rachel Michelman who cleaned the tank and is now the "keeper of the fish!"
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New Displays!

Instead of getting a movie, grab a book! Rentals are free. :) Feel free to ask us about these titles. A special thank you to Katie Ellis and Carolina Visoso for helping with this display.
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New Books....check them out before break!

To stay up to date on our new titles, look at and scroll down to view our shelfari shelves (one for middle and one for upper/adult).

New Middle School Magazines

Many of these were requested by students and we're excited that that the entire collection is now in!
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