Demonstration Classrooms

Demonstration Coaching Builds Courageous Leadership


The Road Not Taken, by Robert Frost

  • New directions
  • Find opportunities
  • Make a difference


  • People cannot do what they cannot envision;

  • People will not do what they do not believe is possible;

  • People will not implement what they do not understand;

  • People are unlikely to do well what they do not practice;

  • People who practice without feedback don’t progress efficiently;

  • People who work without collaboration are unlikely to sustain their effort.

Leaders must help people envision, believe, understand, practice, receive feedback, and work collaboratively!

Leinwand, S. (2012). Sensible mathematics: A guide for school leaders in the era of common core standards. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.


Reciprocal coaching model

Individualized coaching model

Round tables

Leadership capacity

Documents and Protocols


Observation documents are critical

Consistent framework- everyone has the same experience when they visit

Importance of a uniform set of protocols, but an individual coaching experience

Demo Meetings

Importance of communication

Support in a safe environment

Challenge each other

Book studies

Coaching, content, and pedagogy

Lesson plan studies


Dedicated time with instructional coaches

Technology Training and Leadership

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Continually Evolving Process

Data collection



Celebrate Your Road Less Traveled


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